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Sillysparrowness' collapsable and foldable TARDIS

Started by sillysparrowness, Oct 20, 2011, 01:47 pm

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Oct 20, 2011, 01:47 pm Last Edit: Oct 11, 2012, 11:19 am by Scarfwearer

I've got a few first pictures of my construction. I don't really take photos, I'm actually filming, so these are mostly stills.
One thing that you may spot quite quickly is, that I'm a bit ill-equipped. For instance, I only have a jigsaw. For the TARDIS, I borrowed my neighbours old circular saw. Using it was a first for me and made me slightly nervous.
I can't get those pictures of severed fingers and splattering blood out of my head. Fingers crossed I won't loose any members...  

circular saw.jpg

Why my TARDIS is a bit special: It's supposed to move around in my house. I want it to be able to materialise in different places, which is why it will be demountable. I would want to avoid needing to use tools to assemble and demount it, so some of the features are bound to be a bit different. My posts, for example, are only L-shaped, because they are supposed to enclose the panels and hold them in place. (No idea how I'm going to lock them into position yet, but I'm going to find something. Maybe wood plugs. Working out these things is actually the most fun...)


On top of being demountable, my TARDIS is also going to be foldable (well, only the panels). As I'm going to be moving the TARDIS around and my house is small and the staircases narrow, I need the parts to have a manageable size: I'll be moving and assembling them on my own. This is why, in the pictures, you'll always see me putting together half a panel. I'm going to use hinges to put them together and bars to secure them.



So far, so good. Putting together the panels seems to be one of those things that take forever. I'm going to be on this for a while...


Would you be posting these builds on the YouTube? Because I would to view the progress of your TARDIS :) A Movable (INSIDE) TARDIS is kinda tough and I can't wait to see how you achieve it.

:) Best of Luck, May the Time Lords be With You.... Star Wars and Doctor Who, is that blasphemous?
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You should check out Mad Girl's TARDIS.  It's collapsable.  http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=2687.0
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Brilliant, fast work and more than a little inspiring.  :)


Oooooo nice!

Looks like you're doing good so far in those stills. Keep it up!

So I assume it will be in random locations at random intervals throughout your house? ;D



Ok, this is hard.

I'm slightly *understatement* embarrassed. I failed so hugely it should be hard to top!

I had just finished the first half panel, when I noticed something odd. I had screwed up a distinctive feature of the TARDIS: the inside panels were wider than high. I took me a while to understand what went wrong. (This happens when you don't make proper drawings... or any proper plan for that matter - something is seriously wrong with me, I know.)
At first I thought my measurements were wrong, then I realised I simply had started building without brain! My panels need a border to lean against the posts. And I forgot it. So I had to do it all over again.
Aaah, the shame! Anyway, here are today's pictures:

2panel fail.jpg

panel shame.jpg


And thank you all for your nice comments! I'm a bit shy (and still in awe of every tardisbuilder), so it really cheers me up you're being so friendly with me!

@ DoctorWho8 Thanks for the link! That's really inspiring. "collapsable", is that how you call it? (does "demountable" work as well?) It sounds strange to my foreign ears, at first I thought this TARDIS was able to cave in.  ;D

@ maverickjsmith Yes, exactly! That is the concept.

@tyfity I'm sorry, but this will be the only diary of my build. I won't be posting the videoclips of me making it, I'll just use them to make one video about my TARDIS which I then will upload on youtube.
The reason is mainly that I'm such a perfectionist that I could never bring myself to post a video with very little content (just me building stuff), without comment or storyline or funny stuff to spice it up and lots of editing. (It's just how I make my videos.)
I thought about making a video diary on youtube, but it's just too time-consuming. I have so many other things to do, other projects (at the moment, the actual TARDIS build is my priority... well, apart from my job), so I need to save time at some point... And the TARDIS video is already all finished in my head, so I just need to stick to my plan.
But thank you, I'm flattered that you're interested!  :)


You could always say you are being true to the Series 1-4 props as the front had narrower insets than the other three sides.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Hey! Welcome aboard, Astrid! I just finished watching your intro video on Youtube, and have to say i admire your determination! English is (from what I have heard at least) one of the harder languages to get a grasp of. Especially the way we twist and turn and, effectively, massacre it here down under. You're doing very well, though, I must say. As far as the TARDIS build is concerned, I say, good on you! You go girl! I fully understand the frustration involved, whether it be with the way things turn out, (or don't) or the lack of tools. I have quite a few woodworking tools now that I have bought as a direct result of not having any when I started my build. Don't ask how long ago that was though, it's embarrassing. I originally started using my Dad's. Still, it's been fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Might inspire me more to finish mine. Catchya!

(Oh, and I don't know anyone who would be comfortable using the term "banal". I though it was pronounced... well, the OTHER way. :-P )


Thank you so much! And, really, don't say I might inspire you. I've seen your build (as you know, I just commented on it). The accuracy! OMG. I'll never achieve that (not even trying, I know myself too well...) Mine's gonny be quick and dirty.


Oct 23, 2011, 09:41 pm #10 Last Edit: Oct 23, 2011, 09:43 pm by galacticprobe
Quick and dirty - that seems to say "TARDIS" to me, especially when you look back at all of the TARDIS props that came before the current Matt Smith 11th Doctor TARDIS. They were all dirty and looked rather age-weary (it was supposed to be several thousand years old by the time the Doctor stole, er, borrowed it).

I think demountable would work. I've seen that term used before for something that can be taken apart. "Flat-pack" is another way to put it. As for "collapsible"... well, one actual TARDIS prop roof did collapse, falling in on top of actress Elisabeth Sladen's head. (Does that count? ;))

Good luck with your build. It looks to be going great so far. And I love the "Bag of Shame"! I'm going to make one for my son. He's almost 27 and still makes the same mistakes again and again, never learning. He definitely needs "The Bag." ;D

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


Hi Astrid!

First, I love your spunkiness! Bearing failure well is the best part of learning, and seeing the Bag of Shame is the best indication that your final product will be awesome, beautiful, and full of love!

A couple of suggestions if you do not already know.  Use masking tape to cover the cut lines (draw the line on the tape) when making cuts where you do not want any splintering of wood fiber... especially cross cuts (cuts that go against the grain).  It will help a lot.  Masking tape over other tape because it will pull away easily from the wood.  Just be mindful it does not get caught up in the jigsaw guard.

And once again, failure is part of the process.  On my build, I am making the top and top signs last.  If I had made the top first, it would have helped keep the posts square along the way, and small errors would not have built up to lead to my current issue... a 3/8" width difference between the base and top due entirely to a 1/16" variation here and there!  No shame in failure  ::)

I look forward to seeing your progress!  Best of luck,


P.S. If you live near Munich I would love to visit with my partner and see the completed build.  I hope to go by next year or possibly the year after... deciding on Peru, Nepal, or Germany.


I've been working like a maniac lately. This is the problem with me, when I'm motivated it is to a point where I dedicate almost my entire spare time to one project, stay up late and sometimes even forget to eat. The upside to that obsession is that the TARDIS is making a quick progress.

I build a base: no crossbars or anything, I used metal brackets to fix it. My undoubtably arguable solution for fixing the posts to the base are (mainly) wood plugs. It's quite wobbly alright, but I figure that the panels will hold everything together and I planned a seperate police box sign-section to go on top of it like a cap to hold everything in place. So the wood plugs are only needed to hold the posts long enough to get the panels in...

3woddenthingies.jpg    3paneltry.jpg


Meanwhile, I'm also making progress with the panels. I'm already working on the windows, which is a high! I love that it's starting to look more and more like a TARDIS. Will upload more pictures tomorrow.

3meanwhile panels.jpg


The work on the windows is fun. I like stripping things away as much as adding stuff.

4drilling windows.jpg  4sawing windows.jpg

For some reason (miscalculation again?) my windows turned out to be wider than the acrylic glass I bought for them. But I could compensate it by framing the gaps. Just a quick check of my references: The TARDIS' windows are framed, aren't they?

4checking reference.jpg

Yes, of course they are. Problem solved.


Today was the last school day, so I'm looking forward to making more progress with my build next week, hoping that my punctually emerging illness, starting as always with a headache and a sore throat - this is what happens when teacher's go on adrenaline cold turkey a.k.a. holiday - won't last long.
Also, uploaded new video today called "Why I hate school", not about illness though, but how fitting anyway. The TARDIS however remains number one priority for now.

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