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Sillysparrowness' collapsable and foldable TARDIS

Started by sillysparrowness, Oct 20, 2011, 01:47 pm

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I applaud your ingenuity. I love to see other TARDIS Builds on here, welcome to the Club! Those who have done builds know the Blood Sweat and tears that go into such a task. It isnt easy and the reward is great when you see your vision complete.

The fact you are doing something unique is awesome. It is interesting how people will take one roadmap on a build and add their own creative passion to fit the enviroment they live.

Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see the BLUE PAINT MOMENT   :)


I've got to say that your build has a 'stroke of genius' about it,keep up the great work and as Gemini says ,I can't wait for the blue paint moment.
so let me get this straight,A thing that looks like a Police box standing in a junkyard,It can move anywhere in Time and space ?


Thank you all for cheering me on! It's a strange sensation, kind of feels as if I was a marathon athlete or something. Oh wait, no. A tardisbuilder. Way cooler. No similies needed.  ;D

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I see you play bassoon :)

Nope, the clarinet actually. That's a bass clarinet in the background.
Rare instruments, most people mistake it...

Rassilons Rod

Wow! I should have known... I played Bb clarinet for 6 years :)
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It's very inspiring to see a fellow Whovian so passionate and yet also feeling equally nervous about posting amongst other passionate TARDIS builders! What I love most about your TARDIS is the collapsable element - the big project for next year for me and one of my clients is a TARDIS which is a four-fold wall screen to allow it to be stored when not in use; sounds boring I know, but he only has a one bedroom apartment so space is a premium always.

Great work & I look forward to seeing the finished product!



What a clever build you got here. Good job it's coming right along.


Great progress!  You have much to be proud of!


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Quote from: rassilonsrod on Nov 08, 2011, 03:02 pm
Wow! I should have known... I played Bb clarinet for 6 years :)

I dabbled with the clarinet in high school. Still have that old clarinet (a wooden one), but it's been over 32 years since I've played it; don't remember a thing on how to play it now. :(

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Not a clarinet comment- But
This looks great-  I love the idea of a 'demountable' tardis that can just move from spot to spot in your house or where ever.  I too felt a little freaked out by the increadable work of some of this sites members, but it is great that you are jumping in with both feet and bringing your vision to life.


keep up the good work

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To put the panels together and secure them to the posts, I originally thought of hinges. Big mistake. How could I ever think that could possibly work? Everyone must remember those moments when you try to fiddle a door into two hinges for ages... fiddling a panel into four hinges at the same time, and that three times... nonsense!

Hinge fail:


Phase two - (always remember: I want to assemble and disassemble the TARDIS without using tools) Several solutions on the panels at the moment: There are bolts at the four corners of the panels that hold them just fine, but in order to keep the posts from moving sidewards, I had to come up with an additional fix.
Straps work fine, it just takes a little long to tie them together every time. I found the window hooks to be the best solution.

7technichstofixpanels beschriftet.jpg


Welcome to the wonderful world of improvising. Non-conventional methods of assembly = Fixing it as you go ;D Which isn't bad you're figuring out how to do something that makes moving a 300+ pound police box very easy.

Which I must say is nothing short of a-fricking-mazing :)

Keep it up! You're getting closer.

Maverick 8)


Hi Astrid,
I loved your blog on youtube ,I hope your going to give us a blog on building your Tardis ,especially the bag of shame bit LoL
so let me get this straight,A thing that looks like a Police box standing in a junkyard,It can move anywhere in Time and space ?


very smart way to go about your tardis I like it