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New Capaldi Sonic

Started by handofomega, Dec 01, 2015, 03:22 pm

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You're definitely right Rich. From some of the pictures Nick has posted, like the Smith sonic, its built around a hollow metal rod and then it has the CNC'd metal and acrylic put on. I'd say as a minimum, It probably costs about £150 to produce one. There's definitely the green and the blue setttings, whether the four functions are as follows:

- Blue Static
- Blue Rotating

- Green Static
- Green Pulsating

That's my theory on it anyway. My question would be, has he produced two seperate Sonics for the show? One blue LED version with the two settings and one green with the other two. My reasoning for this is with regards to the slide switch. I'm gathering he is using a 3 position switch, the middle being off, pushing it up activities one setting and pushing it down activates the other. I think this is the most likely thing as I don't think you would be able to have 4 functions (2 either side) on the 3 position switch.

With regards to the handle and how it is to hold. With the one I made, its surprisingly comfortable to grip, although figuring out how to gesture with it is interesting.

On a side note: I shall be upgrading my version soon, and I'm looking to try and work out the electronics. I need to find someone who knows how to use arduino and can program a board up for me with the new sound effects and the light settings....if anyone knows anyone it would be of great help.




Well this has surfaced on Nicks Instagram....https://www.instagram.com/p/BAzpOEPlfps/

Seems I was right about the lights, but maybe not about the sounds, although I must say I don't know if that's the completed sound chip. It's definitely all the sounds from the interchangeable sonic screwdriver, but whether they use them in the show is a different matter all together....

Spose we won't find out till series 10



It certainly lights up nicely! I do have reservations about how you weild it though, as it seems not to point to anything in particular: it needs sons kind of emitter!
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So far it looks like only a "Blue" and a "Green" mode; no other colors being showcased. I wonder if that is for two separate functions, or if it's for the use with the specific color of whatever chromakey the could be using. That way there wouldn't be a need for two versions; if the chromakey background was green, then the blue lights would be best (which green seems to be the most used background color, hence the commonly-used "green screen" name); if for some reason they needed to use a blue background, then they could use the green color for the emitter light.

Just a guess, but it could also explain why the 11th Doctor's sonic sometimes looked like it had a blue light on it rather than its regular green one (the pinkish-red version from "Cold War" not withstanding). They might have had a green and blue version for this sonic, but thought a color-changer for the 12th Doctor's new sonic would be easier. Possible?

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Nick Robatto has posted a video for the licenced replicas of Capaldi's Sonic, which includes some nice close-up shots, and video of the light functions:


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Nice replicas! I just wish they weren't so bloody expensive! :P (I guess the CO version - when it comes - will have to do.)

Great find with that vid, Kingpin! And so far it looks like there are only two modes to it: blue and green, presumably each with the same light patterns available. (Nice take on the Main Title Theme, too. And if that's what they're planning to use for Series 10, I'm all for it.)

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presumably this video has been released to answer any questions about it in action and build interest for sales of the replica since s10 won't be on till 2017 :'(


This one apparently has a red setting (like in the concept art...)
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv_q1-uyXvU


Just got a 12th Doctor Sonic from Character Options and now I get to wait for a re-release with the red led...............................
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Quote from: galacticprobe on Feb 07, 2016, 06:17 am
(Nice take on the Main Title Theme, too. And if that's what they're planning to use for Series 10, I'm all for it.)

That's the version by Orbital, from their 2001 album Altogether: https://youtu.be/g-WFRNO13IY

None other than Matt Smith performed it with them on stage at Glastonbury in 2010: https://youtu.be/6CsRspuC-TI


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Vale, your second link gives me an error window saying the video is not available in my country (the US). The first link played just fine, and that version of the theme is leagues better than what they've been using since Series 5! (And they need to bring back that "stinger" at the end of the episodes; they've had one since the start of the Pertwee era, and it went away in New Series 6: not cool.)

And now we learn the BBC didn't give all of the new sonic screwdriver specs to CO for their replica toy. Nice; right after my son surprises me with this 12th Doctor version (which is surprisingly comfortable to hold in spite of how it looks). So like Nate says... wait for the re-release of this sonic and see if it has all three colors (and line CO's pockets even more because we have to buy another one of these).

Sometimes, this does get old. :P

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