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'ankh' shaped Tardis door key

Started by markofrani, Dec 01, 2007, 05:13 pm

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Quote from: galacticprobe on Jul 19, 2010, 05:13 am
I think the important point here is Purple is rarely (if ever) wrong about his info,

I've never known him wrong yet but in the world of props there always seems to be a little bit more o every story.  In the absence of more data though I'd trust his info/instincts over any other.


Quote from: Darksyde on Jul 19, 2010, 06:04 am
Actually if you can get a good master to make a mold from most of the silicone mold rubbers are rated for low melt temperature metals, ie lead, pewter and such.

I do a bit of molding and casting here, including pewter, though generally resin. When doing pewter, you have to use a specific type of silicone to handle the temperature. It's no more difficult to use, just more expensive than the silicone used for resin, and quite a bit more hard. I recently did a bunch of Logan's Run movie ankhs in pewter for some friends.


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Here's a slightly sanitized version of the Pertwee key. Some of those curves were simply too crude so a little smoothing might be more valuable than absolute accuracy. See the PDF here:

The key is presumably 5 cm or 2 inches high. You could always get plastic sheets cut to order by a service such as Ponoko to make the mold from.





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Quote from: cardborduser on Jul 19, 2010, 05:43 pm
Pertwe key

That is one of the images I posted earlier in this threat. I think this is even the same site where I found it way back when; at least it looks a very familiar site. (And I think it's the one site I never bookmarked!... until now.)

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I know it's been a while since this topic has been commented on, but I stumbled across these while still in hope of locating a 1-800-Trekker key to replace the one I lost way back in 1986. (Actually, the one I lost was a Spirit of Light key, but I'll take either since they are very similar, and so far can find none.) And this might be of interest to hb88banzai and lespaceplie as they were very interested in the Pertwee and Tom Baker TARDIS keys.

This site is selling replicas supposedly made from original moulds, retaining the original imperfections to make them as accurate replicas. (But they show the back of the keys and there is more detail to it than just the constellation!)

The Pertwee key:
This is the one cast for Pertwee and he took the key with him when he left the show. So the props department refined the mould to remove some of the imperfections before casting a new key for Tom Baker. (Notice the little "bump" on the left arm of the cross piece in the Front view.)

The Tom Baker Key:
You can see the little "bump" on the cross piece's left arm (front view) isn't on the Baker key. It's also supposed to be "more balanced" than the Pertwee key.

I don't know if these are 100% true accurate replicas, but they are certainly closer to the image from "Planet of Spiders" than that other key from one of my earlier posts; that other key was way off when it was purported to have been case from an original mould. But these two keys? I'm thinking they're a far better bet for accuracy. There aren't many left available so if anyone wants one, I'd say jump on it. At least those listings do show the back as well as the front so lespaceplie can update his drawings (to maybe include the imperfection bumps and such on the Pertwee Key and the "more balanced" Baker version?), and I think hb88banzai may have been working on a drawing for a pattern to make a replica.

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Yes, these are Mooncrest Models replicas.

These and his 7th Doctor key are about the most accurate reproductions that have been produced to date. He has used recently surfaced details from auctions of the original props and feedback from people like Purple to help refine his models.

These often sell out, but to date he has been making more to meet demand.

Purple's info on the Pertwee/Baker keys is here (though the discussion in the comments section is also interesting, with some mention of Mooncrest Models) -

And his info on the McCoy key is here -

Great stuff, as usual.


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Wow! A very interesting read: Purple's blog on the Pertwee/Tom Baker keys, and all of those comments. I even saw the ones about Mooncrest Models. Apparently Purple was impressed with the Pertwee version (especially as he provided some details to make the key as accurate as possible).

I'll have to ready the blog on the McCoy key later. My eyes are starting to go wonky (it's that black background and white typeface: not easy on my eyes). Plus I'm not all that fond of the McCoy key, but I do like the fact that people are trying to make the replica as exacting as possible to the screen-used prop.

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Quote from: galacticprobe on Aug 20, 2012, 05:11 pm
... but I do like the fact that people are trying to make the replica as exacting as possible to the screen-used prop.



But then, what's not to like about the near obsessive attention to detail on obscure bits of ephemera? ;D

Not that anyone on this forum could possibly identify with those tendencies.  ::)


Does anyone have any images of the "alternate" Fourth Doctor TARDIS key (seen in the story Robot I think)

All I could find only was this replica by Cardinal Hordriss over on DeviantArt (who is also a member over here; hope you don't mind me borrowing your image)

Maybe someone with the DVD could be so kind as to take some screencaps, it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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Cardinal Hordriss

No problem at all.

The best views of the 4th Doctor's second key are in Planet of Evil, Pyramids of Mars and The Android Invasion.
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Thanks Cardinal Hordriss. :) (And thank you for the story titles too - I don't know what made me think Robot ;D)
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Cardinal Hordriss

I should add that the second key doesn't have the lip around the bottom of the constellation side and I think the top of the shield section should be wider. That replica was actually made by an internet acquaintance of mine who gave me permission to post it on my DA page.
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The exact scale is undetermined, but here's a version traced from a photo of those replicas. It's also cleaned up for symmetry.



Those replicas were made from photos of the real props photographed next two the model makers previous versions of those props. So all he had to do was scale the photographs down to match his first run models and that gave him the scale of the original Pertwee and McCoy keys for him to make those replicas.