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Violet's Pseudo-Newbery Box

Started by Audrey, Aug 25, 2019, 02:41 am

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It's been a minute.
So, when we left off we had a window.
We got two windows done, gave the box a temporary spray of blue to liven it up a bit, and brought it home.
It got sat in a temporary (read: Incredibly wonky, lordy) assembly, patiently waiting for the rest to be made for it.
And then a water pipe in our house burst.
And another. And another. etc.
After the untimely discovery that whoever installed them in our house did a poor (but synchronized!) job, and a lot of home repairs, the box understandably fell by the wayside. Graduation, jobs and Covid held it back.
But we're mostly freed up now.


As I was looking at the plans for it, I noticed that I gave myself a Yardley-Jones issue. Given that this was my first box, and I had been used to just modeling box 'frontages', with no consideration for internals, it was designed solely to fit together and sit there.
So for example the door-stoppers wouldn't, well, stop the doors, and in all likelihood there'd be a noticeable gap. Darn.
I've redone the majority of the base model I'm designing plans off of, since a good chunk of the box hasn't been built yet. The walls and posts will be retained, but the base will be redone and the upper half is a bit shorter (curse you home roof height!). I've come up with what I think is a safe assembly for the upper half, with the upper sign-boxes being coupled with the roof frontage forming a "cradle" for the topmost roof stacks.


Ideally there'll be more updates soon.


thats looking fantastic!
No, not the mind probe!


Thank you! It's always fun to walk past it. Even though it's been there a good few months I'm not quite used to just how large it is in-person.