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Door Sound Effects

Started by ThePuzzledBoy, Mar 21, 2019, 04:09 am

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Hi all, still here for those that remember me... :P (if ya'll still do lol) ::)

So I'm having a bit of trouble looking for sound effects for the TARDIS doors; specifically, the external, police box doors.

However, I'm not talking along the lines of NuWho (sounds I already know of, and have). I'm talking somewhat along the lines of, say, in Curse of Fatal Death, when we actually hear the doors open after landing on Terserus. Bascially, I'm looking for sound effects that would sound like they come the kind of lock/latch a Police Box had. (Maybe even from an actual Yale/night latch?) And hey, if there's any lock sounds from those types of latches, that'd be cool too!

Again, I don't want the NuWho police box door sounds. I feel like there should be more variety on this front than the one I feel like I've heard about a million times. (And if there's any sounds pointed to here on TB previously, point me to 'em cuz I probably haven't heard em!)


- Puzzled
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Are you looking for something like this? ???

Or something like this? ???


I dont think he's looking for either of those, especially not the first one.

I watched Curse of the Fatal Death last night to try and isolate the SFX, but didn't have too much luck as there's music over the top of it, although listening to it, it sounds like your boy standard door opening, there's nothing really specific about it in my opinion. So you'd probably be able to find the SFX on YouTube



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@elkad: As said above, I'm looking for police box doors, so option number 1. But again, I don't want those NuWho sounds specifically -- I already have them anyway -- I want some variety, something like Curse of Fatal Death (skip to 2:07 for the kind of sound I'm looking for):

Something that sounds like it'd come from the kind of latch a police box would have.

@BioDoc: May be me looking for the wrong sounds, not having some kind of visual reference, me imagining a different visual reference, or just plain wondering why the square peg won't go through the round hole; but I feel like most of the door sounds I find just don't sound too TARDIS-y. Then again, I haven't looked through results in a few months now, so I'll check em through again.

UPDATE: I think another of the problems with a typical door open/close SFX is that most doors have handles or knobs you turn to open said door. Thus, most door open/close sounds involve turning knobs/handles to achieve the sound in the first place. I think that's what makes it harder for me to find anything close to a police box open/close doors sound.

Unless, of course, I want to aim for a very early Met Box, but I'd like my TARDIS exterior shells with nothing but pull handles and Yale locks, thank you very much....

- Puzzled
ThePuzzledboy - a cosplayer who needs his own TARDIS and console.....

Angelus Lupus

I had a thought (dangerous, I know :P) and Googled "BBC sound effects library". Well, they have an archive available, and the category for 'Doors' might have what you're looking for:
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