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The War Doctors TARDIS Console

Started by simon83, Nov 06, 2018, 02:47 pm

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This has started out very nicely Simon, doing a stirling job! looking forward to seeing more... :) :) :)


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Quote from: simon83 on Nov 07, 2018, 05:42 pm
Anyone know some info on the LEDs and etc? Like value, etc... Im hoping to replace the current green ones to daylight white.

I know I'm getting to this party a little late, but your best bet would be to check with an electronics parts store. I've searched Google and all I'm getting results for are "LED Bulbs" - as in the kind you screw into lamp sockets and lighting fixtures. So find an electronics parts store near you, and go for a browse. I'm sure the people working there would be able to help you out.

I hope this little babble is helpful... at least a little.

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Been a while so thought id give an update. The console piece is in parts and is waiting its upgrade with new textures and etc and then being put back together. Im not certain about electronics atm it may just be a static model with some LEDs within. My original plan has changed a lil. Im trying to see if there maybe a way to heat up the coral supports and bend them backwards and up to try and match what is typically accepted as the cannon look for the war doc interior.
The walls will be 3d printed from my 1963 walls at an exact 1/13 scale which are fully 3d modelled and 3d print ready so ill be doing a print test with those soon. Im keeping with the idea of only being half but am looking at the idea of it be able to be modular so an extra side can be slid within.
The image gives an idea. Im still working on the pillars and how they will fit within same for the console atm.