The Classic Era Sonic Screwdrivers: A Compiled History

Started by Terrasolo, Jul 10, 2019, 11:21 am

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Hello Everyone! I've written a companion piece to my last article on RTD Era Sonic Screwdrivers. This time focusing on the Classic era props and focusing on Thunderbird's design used outside of the Classic Series used in the show.

Same reasoning as before, I felt it would be nice to have all of the known, and maybe some not known, information all in one place for anyone interested and to try to stop the debunked information from still doing the rounds as fact. I've also dated the file, as I did the last one, so that if any new information comes to light after, then we can instantly know what's changed or been added.

You can download the file for free from here



Thanks for putting this together!

I'd love to see what the original design for the screwdriver was...


You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, I would love to see it too, or at least get verification that it was the Dominators sonic. Either would be nice.

I did update one bit of information on the notched endcap. Just a heads up. And since it came up elsewhere, the stories about what happened to the Fury prop and the Classic Thunderbirds sonic, are just one of a few floating around. With the passage of time, it's hard to know the truth there.

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Reviving this thread because I just got linked to a youtube video which mentions the Thunderbirds prop:

It has a really nice screenshot of it, so I compared it to the one in the pdf, and it shows more detail. You can see it shows the handle as having a textured/knurled finish!

FAB Facts_ Jon Pertwee's Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver was First used in... Thunderbirds_ 1-30 screenshot.png
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Top of the sonic was a microphone used in another Anderson show too


Was the actual body of the sonic an existing piece when it was used in Captain Scarlet, or was it made for the production?


The website hosting this seems to be down. Not sure how easy of a fix that might be but I'd be interested in reading this.