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Five Doctors Tardis Console Dimensions Questions

Started by cyberleader1991, Aug 21, 2005, 03:57 pm

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Does it take into account the black bezel that goes around the actual monitor screen (viewing area)? Judging by that screen grab and the distance between the joints on Davison's fingers - which on the average person is 1 inch - it looks like the bezel is about 1 inch thick. And going by the size of Davison's hand, it almost looks like that screen is about the same size as the Season 3/4 KITT dash monitor (http://knightriderhistorians.blogspot.com/2011/09/season-34-monitor-frame.html) which about 8 inches diagonal. (And just in case that link ever goes dead, here's the image:)

The widest spread of my fingers is 9.5 inches - thumb to pinky, tip to tip - and I doubt Davison's hand could be much more than that, and in the photo is doesn't look like it would take him stretching his hand as wide as he possibly could to cross the viewable area of the screen diagonally.

So if that is an 8-inch screen, plus the 1-inch bezel all round, that would make it 10 inches total (diagonal measure). And with the space around the bezel where it's mounted in the console it does match the measurements in Marc's (rassilonsrod) drawing. (And if that is the case, with all of the 'Knight Rider' replica parts places on the web, it should be easy for someone to get hold of a Season 3/4 single-monitor bezel for their console.)

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