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Started by cyberleader1991, Sep 08, 2005, 01:54 pm

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Sorry I got off track for this. I have the answers! Well, the probable dims and a revised tier stack diagram coming shortly.


So where is it? ;)
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Bless you, my friend. ;)

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I know it's been a while since anything was posted on this topic but whilst doing some research myself (and shamelessly downloading as many reference pictures as possible ;D) I've notice something.

Rotor close up Crop.jpg

Lespaceplie posted a brilliant graphic further up the thread illustrating that the whole assembly was made up of cyndrical tubes, equalateral triangular prisms and right angled triangular prisms, but if you look at the top tier (which looks like it has a chunk missing BTW) it seems to me that it has square prisms as well.

I can't be 100% sure as yet but I think these square prisms appear on a couple of the lower layers too.

Maybe they are from the repair job in the 80's or the more recent restoration? Perhaps they've always been there?

I personally find it very hard to work out where one part ends and where the next bit begins with the subject being "glass" and on a photo. Any thoughts?

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They do look like square bits & to my shanky eyes, they seem to act like spacers between the sheets. The round rods go through to act like positoners e.g. to keep everything aligned, but to keep everything the right space apart, they have used the square acrylic rod. Now I could be wrong here but if anyone has seen the original up close, then they would be able to say "yay' or Nay" to this.

Just my thoughts.



I haven't followed up on this in a long time, but here's where I last was on the rotor tiers. This represents the early configuration (probably) and includes the square rods. The shapes are drawn on the tiers where they rest hence the top tier has no markings in the early config. The old 3D sketch is to be ignored now. Discuss...

I always assumed the innermost rods actually pierced each tier rather than being individual pieces on each tier, but I have no proof. It does appear the top 3 tiers are entirely different shapes in the repair(s), too.

That's a great reference photo above.



I think Chris has put it quite well about the prisms being surface mounted spacers and the inner most cylinders being alignment rods.

This agrees with what you are saying about those inner most rods piercing each layer.

As for proof, well the only thing I have is purely the fact that in all the pictures I've looked at, the inner rods are all in perfect alignment from top to bottom of the complete assembly. If they were individually placed then you would expect a few of them to be misaligned by now. Not only that but if you were building this prop why make youself so much extra work in cutting and aligning the rods when a few carefully aligned holes and a long rod would make life easier and quicker?

I know this isn't the kind of proof that would secure a conviction but it is, for me at least, quite compelling.

The picture was borrowed from somewhere so I cropped it for important reference part we wanted.

Those drawings look great, do you have a larger copy? Also do you think there are no equilateral triangular ones anymore?


Oh yeah. There are equilateral triangle rods in there, but I posted the diagram of the sheet I was using for laser cutting/etching the model. I couldn't find those rods in the size I needed and substituted the right angle ones throughout. I'll post the correct diagram later. Also, I have every diagram in vector form.


Actually, scratch that. Looking back in my notes, it appears it wasn't a sub but a correction. I couldn't 100% verify the rod shape due to the resolution of the reference photos and am assuming (for now) that the early rods and replacement rods were both square.

There are, however, some shots that demonstrate that the 8 innermost rods might not have gone through every tier. Check out the state of repairs in Planet of Fire to see what I mean. In that instance they could simply have been removed. The whole thing looks off center. The broken pieces in Frontios also seem to lack those particular rods. As mentioned, logical construction would've been in favor of them being used to align the piers. It's what I was doing for my scale model.


I very nearly mentioned that I thought the inner rods were missing because I looked at the damaged assembly picture from Frontios. I came to the conclusion they were possibly broken so removed.

I'm planning to nip down to the Experience next Saturday (well, 3 hour journey down!) so I'll see what I can get picture wise of it's current state.


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Here's one I took when I was at the DWE earlier in the year...


I think Photobucket automatically resizes the image; however I have it at a much greater resolution if any one wants it.

I'm planning on heading down there next Saturday (one last trip before it closes (sob)) I'll photograph everything as much as I can...

It does annoy me a little that the inner lighting assembly has been replaced. With a few reference photos I could easily get that back to its original configuration...


Nice picture. Sign me up for the large red one please.

You can make out there is a mixture of square and triangular rods,

I'll keep my eyes out for you, I'm planning on getting there for when the doors open, all to myself is the plan :)

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Quote from: fivefingeredstyre on Aug 26, 2017, 05:57 am
I'll photograph everything as much as I can...

Please do! For those of us that never got (and never will get) the chance to go, it's vicarious enjoyment, as much as the great reference photos we like.  :)
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Without checking against any additional high res photos, here's where we are. Besides adding the repairs section, tiers 6 and 7 have been modified. I don't believe the on-screen repairs differ from any work to the tiers that might've been done for The Experience.