1:13 scale Newbery / Yardley Newbery TARDIS

Started by frax owen, May 16, 2019, 05:37 am

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frax owen

Is it a Newbery? Is it a Yardley? No it's a Newbery Jones...

Smappy of Tinkercad 3d printed Newbery Box with a few personal alterations from myself. The roof, signs and doors are swappable for either the season 17 or Logopolis look. I also added the opening phone box door as it just made sense;) I have a dolls house scale phone in the door and somewhere I also have a phone door handle though I seem to have misplaced it.

Of course if I'd have been clever i could have put a pair of doors at the back so that door swapping wouldn't have been necessary! As it is it's pretty straight forward to swap them without removing the base as they are not a super tight fit.

As I want my main Newbery to be the cleaner look from seasons 14-16 I thought it made sense to try and kill two TARDISs with one stone. It will mainly be displayed as the Logopolis version though as I just love the look and hopefully Smappy will release the season 18 console room files soon as it will make for an excellent back drop/ diorama

frax owen

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I still need to reprint the fresnel lamp and paint it and also paint the lock on the Logopolis door.

I used Vallejo paints and layered up a few different blues. The base coat was Oxford blue but could have been any colour really. The main blue is just well blue and that forms the solid colour underneath and is a great season 16 colour. Then to mimic the slight colour change for season 17 I used the same blue mixed with light grey and applied in a sort of wishy washy manner. Finally a filth wash (as PB calls it) of black and brown.

The windows are printed in 100% fill clear PLA and painted grey and grey-brown for the bottom two panes. They were the most fiddly part to do.

The signs were courtesy of a few members of this board so many thanks to this site (apologies, I'll check names later as I was sort of grabbing files very quickly and scale down). Basically the signs were found in the reference sections. Also the resources available here such as green grabs are invaluable!

frax owen

Some of the in progress pics of thought I'd posted but they didn't load...E0B4B6B3-E36E-4265-BD44-07495DB9B94A.jpeg78293366-5F40-4E44-8A58-F57342C6F080.jpeg64C5AEE9-BCDD-4D3F-B3D3-605443AF7018.jpeg


I love that little phone!




Yes that phone is really cute, and a great job on the rest of the model.  :)

frax owen

Thank you! :)

i'm currently working on the Hartnell/ Brachaki original which is probably my favourite