Time Trap : The Making of Castrovalva Documentary 2018

Started by warmcanofcoke, May 11, 2019, 04:48 pm

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Time Trap : The Making of Castrovalva Documentary 2018

Yardley Jones Box - Mk 1 (refurb)

Time Trap 01.jpgTime Trap 01.jpg
Time Trap 02.jpgTime Trap 02.jpg
Time Trap 03.jpgTime Trap 03.jpg
Time Trap 04.jpgTime Trap 04.jpg
Time Trap 05.jpgTime Trap 05.jpg
Time Trap 06.jpgTime Trap 06.jpg
Time Trap 07.jpgTime Trap 07.jpg
Time Trap 08.jpgTime Trap 08.jpg
Time Trap 09.jpgTime Trap 09.jpg
Time Trap 10.jpgTime Trap 10.jpg
Time Trap 11.jpgTime Trap 11.jpg
Time Trap 12.jpgTime Trap 12.jpg
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


Gosh, this box is so one colour that it almost looks like a CGI insert...
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I can't help but cringe seeing it off-kilter like that, I hope she got through this filming unscathed.


The grading on this documentary is rather lacking in contrast.


Actually, some shots notwithstanding it looks like the contrast ratio isn't the issue - the shaded areas under the trees are more or less appropriately valued, though it absolutely screams the pervasive green tint of RED camera footage which hasn't been compensated for in the grade. I absolutely loathe shooting on those things.

The box is just an unusually light and uniform color of blue, and I can't say better for it...

Here's a 10-second correction - but I hate the source footage.