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Scottish Lamp / Signal Light

Started by TG, May 11, 2019, 02:16 pm

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This is the state of the bolts that hold the grill to the base.
They were all buggers to get out despite some having hardly any rust on them.


Hi Mark,

Let me konw if you have difficulty with any of the dimensions, I can take a look at my one.

(I'd have volunteered earlier; however I've just got back from holiday! ;))


Cheers, wouldn't hurt to compare and contrast. Be interested to know what code you've got in your life after seeing Starcross's post about dates.

Not sure if you've done it already,  but getting damn bracket off was a pain in the arse, couldn't get spanners or sockets in until I removed the grill.


I honestly haven't had the chance to touch my lamp since I received it earlier this year. Its still in its (well packaged) box...

When i get a chance tomorrow  I will dig it out and take a look

Davros Skaro

Quote from: Mark on Jun 01, 2019, 07:31 am
This is the state of the bolts that hold the grill to the base.
They were all buggers to get out despite some having hardly any rust on them.

The green colour on the threads of the screws looks like "loctite" to stop them coming out. There's different strengths of this stuff, glad you could remove them.



You might be right Chris as I've no idea what anyone who owned this has done with it however I would wonder why they would want to copper grease the top ones and loctite the bottom ones?

Who knows but I'm going to make sure I can get them out again with minimum effort in the future.

More measurements, this time the dome gong and the grille/mesh.

I'm not sure if you can see in the next pictures but the mesh is not flat and hard to describe.



The dome has a slight raised bit right on the too where the dome almost flattens out.

I'll post some more measurements later once I've done them.

I mentioned it earlier but folk may have missed it, but does anyone know how you would fix broken cast iron?


What part is broken? Do you have a picture?

I'm guessing maybe a really good epoxy resin might do the trick if its not load bearing.


Thank you for sharing all the detail Mark.
I can't believe the lamp is so large! I thought a longcase clock bell might match it but it's twice that.
It must be REALLY heavy,
it is a wonderful thing!


It's half o the hinge and with all the weight of the gong and gong support I figure it will break altogether if I don't fix it soon.
I was thinking epoxy mainly as I have some to hand ;D

There's no rush as yet, especially as it's in prices.

You're more than welcome TG. The first time I ever saw one close up I remember thing the same and it is definitely heavy. When it's back together I'll weigh it for you.

I'm thinking of using it as a table lamp but I'm not sure if the light it useful or will just make the room look like a brothel LoL

Davros Skaro

If you know someone with great welding skills, they might be able to weld it for you, mind you, welding cast iron is a specialty skill as you have to heat the cast iron in a furnace (to a specific temp) then bring it out, do some welding, do what they call "ping" it (hit it with a small hammer) put it back in the oven/furnace to keep it at the temp, & repeat the process till it's welded. I know this as my father once many years ago did a car engine head for an old car for someone & he explained it to me, so it is very involved. Seek some professional advice if you go this way. All the best in getting it fixed.



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Quote from: Mark on Jun 02, 2019, 11:04 am
I'm not sure if you can see in the next pictures but the mesh is not flat and hard to describe.

Its called Expanded metal mesh.
Its measured this way:



S.W.D. ​    Short Way Diamond​
L.W.D ​               Long Way Diamond​
Bond  ​               Area where strands intersect​
Strand Width ​       Surface area of metal strips forming diamond​
Strand Thickness ​   Gauge of material being expanded​
Flattening​               Flattened short dimension diamond parallel to rolls​
Cross Flattening*​   Flattened long way diamond parallel to rolls​
Deburring ​              Mesh passed through wire brushes to remove burns​
Levelling​              Mesh roller levelled to reduce curving​

If I recall the lanter mesh was is 3/4" width, but the curvature causes the width of the expansion to contract a bit to measure 5/8" which completely confuses vendors.

However should you located a section of 3/4-13 it would be close.
A - SWD - 0.923"
B - LWD - 2"
C - SWD - 0.75" (Measures 5/8" but is factually 3/4" without curvature)
D - LWD - 1.69" (measures about 1" on mine)
E - Thick - 0.09"
F - Width - 0.096"

I was never happy with the searches I did, I had a guy working out of a metal fabrication shop looking for me but none of the samples his company used local here were close enough. That isn't to say various manufacturers wouldn't have a better match, its just how much time you spend looking. I'm having a merry chase looking for 3/4" inspection conduit for my police post. Just because a modern product is named the same thing as the old 1930s stuff doesn't mean it will be the same thing. The old 1930s stuff was just made differently, you might get a perfect match or search months and settle on a close enough.


Would any of you gentlemen with these lamps be so kind as to provide the dims of the metal rings which I guess are supposed to sit top and bottom of the lens?

They are missing from mine and I would like to get some replacements made.

Many thanks


Quote from: mikey on Apr 10, 2020, 12:33 pm
the metal rings which I guess are supposed to sit top and bottom of the lens are missing from mine

Can you post a picture, I've made a 3D model of all the parts so I should have what you need but I'm not sure which parts you mean?

Quote from: starcross on Jan 01, 2018, 08:17 pm
Assembly1 - GPO Lantern 2.jpg


Lovely thank you.

These are the rings I was referring to in a picture further up the tread by a user called Mark (apologises for stealing your pic)


They look to me like they are supposed to site on top and below the lens?

Here's a pic of mine cleaned up but sadly missing these rings.



They're not rubber are they?