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The Richard Hudolin TV Movie TARDIS (1996)

Started by Dematerialiser, Feb 12, 2009, 02:12 pm

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Feb 12, 2009, 02:12 pm Last Edit: Feb 08, 2010, 10:09 pm by Scarfwearer
[color=FFD21F]The Richard Hudolin TV Movie TARDIS[/color]
Era: 1996


Richard Hudolin based this TARDIS on the schematics given to him of the 1980s version. The producer of the movie then asked him to retro-design it to incorporate elements from the original 1963 prop and so this was the result. The construction was timber.

Please feel free to add photo references for this prop here, making sure that your photo is of the prop used during the correct era above.


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OK. Seeing as no-one has added anything here, I will, even tho many of you have these pics already.
I'll put a few in that I think I very useful reference, and I'll add a little note to say why. There are very few pics of this box. a full length shot even more so. The promo shots featuring McGann and McCoy are great and the bbc wallpaper of the box standing alone is good (the small pic above) but you can't see the base!
I've added some caps that show some interesting detail, from the dvd of the movie.

Most shots of this box are darkly lit, (see promos) so here's a cap of it in day light. It shows that while this box didn't have a weathing paint job, it was very well textured. I didn't mind the 'hammered' glass rather than pebbled and altho the panels were much squarer than it's predecessors, it just looked fab. I didn't even mind the off centred 'public call' on the lintel! It just oozed quality this prop. This take on the tardis is what the Ed Thomas box could have been - chunky, imposing and full of character, rather than a painted wardrobe, which is what it looks like.

This pic comes from the 'making of' feature, another day light shot - shame it's not v. high quality. Nice clear view of the base and a good idea of scale can be had.

I have, but can't find, a similar shot of both props from this movie side by side that looks like it's from the top of a ladder, it shows the roof and 'ships lamp' fresnel on both boxes very well.

This next pic is good for the font on the phone panel, the detail of the hingeing (right not left) and type of little handle used.
The whole thing looks very solid.

Finally a long shot that is good for getting the proportions right:

Doctor Iz

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Pete - many thanks on all the photos and comments on the various TV TARDIS's. 
It's great to have you on the forum too.  I know you've been around for a long time.  I even recall seeing your build on Glen's site when I first was looking into info on building my own TARDIS.  It was people like yourself, PB, Karst and Mantawrays and many others along the way that help me realize that anything is possible when it come to TARDIS building. 

Right then, well glad to see you here...



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Thanks. It's nice to know I'm remembered. I started my old police box site in 1999 - 10 years ago! As many of you know, I was booted off the old boards because I spoke out about a certain element's behaviour both online and in public. I've been gently persuaded to return by an old friend who happily told me that a particular bad egg has now been removed from the box. :)


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Glen has a small version of the two 1996 props in the alleyway on the TARDIS Library site.
Bill Rudloff


Thought I would add these I dug up while looking, Neither help with color but the first does show some of the inside of the actual box and confirms my theory that the top step is deeper that the bottom two:


This one is more of a reference for the windows... as poor as it is



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found a bigger wider pic of the bottom one so you can see more of the windows and pannels dw23.jpg
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May 28, 2010, 02:49 pm #7 Last Edit: May 28, 2010, 03:12 pm by mordrogyn
Does anyone have a good quality face on shot of the phone door sign in it's entirety?
I am assuming that for the movie it was painted directly onto the wood, but am still thinking I may do as with the signs and have it reverse printed in vinyl on a piece of acrylic to protect it.


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Just in case those links go dead (as many of those photo-hosting site links do), with a download, a little change in format from PNG to JPG, and a little tweaking to sharpen the quality, I present these so we'll always have them for reference. (And you may have to open the image in a new window or tab to see them full size, depending on your browser.)

But first: many thanks to Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff for finding this treasure!







(Did anyone else notice that there are two TARDISes visible in the 2nd - 4th grabs? In the 4th grab you can just see the Top Sign of the second box on the extreme left.)

Now this makes me think of the original Galileo 7 shuttlecraft shell from the original 'Trek' series and the full-scale mock-up of the Jupiter 2 from the original 'Lost In Space' series... sitting on a studio back lot for years, slowly decaying, until some lucky person stumbled across them and managed to take them in and fully restore them. The Galileo is restored, and last I heard the J2 mock-up was undergoing restoration. I wonder if the Hudolin TARDIS prop will experience the same thing.

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I was just in that alley at the end of July!!!


And just for the fun of it. the park as it appears today!
2013-07-27 18.46.02.JPG


Gino, they had 2 props, the Hero prop and the stunt drive-through prop, which was wider in the front and back.  Plus there is no sign box on the back of the stunt prop.  The stunt prop is most likely destroyed, but Phil Segal kept the hero prop for many years. I don't know if it's current whereabouts.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


i don't know if anyone has mentioned this but, I've noticed on the 2nd box (i think) that there isn't a step on it, it only twigged when i noticed how smooth the bike went into the police box and how smooth it came out of the box. i know for a fact that going at that speed will show the up up into the box my dad tried it with his shed once and that's only a couple of inched off the ground.
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Yeah. That was a stunt.  Not only did they take the base off it, from what I understand the box isn't fully assembled.  They needed to leave a gap between the walls and the roof to make it wide enough to do the stunt. 
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