TY-J TARDIS prop and unknown (replica?) prop on Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule

Started by lofiscifi, May 28, 2018, 08:26 am

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Just noticed this on the most recent episode on Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule (https://www.itv.com/hub/harry-hills-alien-fun-capsule/2a4728a0014) ...

The first one appears to be a clip from 'Take Nobody's Word for It' and the second one (filmed 'now'): I have no idea. Thought I'd share!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 09.08.28.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 09.09.03.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 09.10.10.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 09.10.17.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 09.10.20.png


I'm not sure about the second set of photos/screen grabs (the one with the red 'Stargate'-ish red circular thingy behind the blue box), but that first grab has some hallmarks of a TY-J TARDIS prop.

The one that stands out most is the center divide extension above the Top Sign box (though the center divide itself on the doors seems to be missing). I don't think a knock-off prop for another show, a knock-off that would leave out the center divide, would go through that much trouble to add that little detail above the Top Sign. The Top Sign also looks like it's one of the TY-J variants used during the course of the prop's life on the show, and it has the 3 steps below it. Also you can see a round "bump" on the right-hand door, on the stile mid way down the recessed panel below the window, that's about the right shape and size for the lock face.

There are some odd things about it, though. Let's start with the windows:

The window on the right-hand door has the two lower, outer panes with pebbled glass in them, and the rest of the panes seem to be frosted (normal so far); but then the window on the left-hand door looks like all of its panes are pebbled glass. (Not sure if that's normal for the rear doors.) The muntons look to be about the right thickness for a TY-J prop.

Now then, the Rear Doors (a closer look): Unless I'm mistaken (which is possible and I'm open to correction if I am) opened outward and had pull knobs on them: I think I see what looks like pull knobs on these doors, just below the lock (there's a circular thingy on each door - could be a pull knob, or my stanky old wizzard eyes seeing a pattern in something that isn't there). And then there is the missing center divide, and at this resolution no sign of one having been there. I suppose it's possible for the divide to have broken off, and with these being the rear doors (no Phone Panel) it wasn't replaced for one reason or another.

Unfortunately in the close-up, the woman (and the play bars at the bottom of the grab) are blocking some of the detail, such as where the lock would be. I tried to watch this using the above link, but it wants me to sign in to watch it. (I was going to try and get a screen grab on-the-fly without pausing the vid so the play bars at the bottom wouldn't be blocking things, but maybe someone else that can view this without having to register an account - or already has one - can get that grab for us?)

Roof, Corner Posts, and Post Caps: Those look about right for a TY-J prop; a two-step roof with low post caps, and corner posts with decent quarter-rounds/quadrants on them.

I'd talk about the lamp, but you can't really see much of that.

The second set of images is an odd cookie. The Top Signs are plain dummies (flat faced and blank); what looks like a 3-step roof with no post caps; corner posts don't seem to have quarter-rounds/quadrants on them; the window muntons look too thin - more like a New Series 1-7b - for a TY-J prop; no steps under the Top Signs; there does seem to be a round thingy on the right-hand door where the lock should be, but at the angle the doors are as they're opening we should also see the pull-knobs if these were the rear doors of the prop (no Phone Panel again), and again there is no center divide on the doors, or any extension of the center divide above the Top Sign box; the lamp (what little we can see of it) looks like a plain silver/metal cylinder; and that base - it has no beveled edge on it, but is straight all round, more like the Newbery though I think the Newbery's base is taller.

I'm sure others can spot more things on each of these boxes, but from what I'm seeing, the top two images could be a TY-J prop ("could" being the operative word). The other images... anyone's guess is as good as mine for what that is, or where it came from.

I hope some of this was helpful.

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tony farrell

Dino, both sets of doors on both of the TY-J boxes opened inwards.

As I also noted in my history of these boxes, a set of wooden doors was made for "Delta and the Bannermen".

Furthermore if you look in the section which covers the final story which was made for the series' classic run - "Ghostlight" - you'll see that at least one of these wooden doors was fixed to the Tardis but it appears to have been incorrectly 'paired' with the other door resulting in the absence of the central divider on either of the doors.

You might also want to compare the slight mis-alignment of the panels in the doors and the positioning of the pebbled 'glass' window panes to how the Tardis appeared in Ghostlight; there is no discernible difference to the appearance of the prop from which Carol Vorderman emerges in the clip from "Take Nobody's Word For It".

You can also see in the screen-grabs from "Take Nobody's Word For It" that the top left post cap has a crack in it whilst the inside portion of the top right post cap is missing. Again, both these facts are noted in my history of the TY-J boxes and are clearly visible in such stories as "Battlefield".

(See http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=6965.5 - "The Case of the Missing Quadrant", about a quarter of the way down the page.)



Thanks for the correction on the doors, Tony. (There's so much info in your Articles - the TY-J and 'Brachacki from "War Machines" to "Seeds Of Doom"' - not to mention all the other props' details in other reference threads, I just can't keep it all straight. I wish I had a memory like yours - darned near photographic, if it isn't already like that!)

You spotted more details in the top photo than I did. That crack you mentioned in the post cap I thought was an artefact in the photo (which I would have known better if I could remember all the details). But I'm guessing it's fairly safe to say that the TARDIS we're seeing in those first two photos is a TY-J?

I'm not so sure where the TARDIS in the other photos comes from. At least from what I see looking at that one, it's not any that was used on the show.

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"