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Oak TARDIS Time Cabinet

Started by kutan66, Apr 18, 2019, 07:06 pm

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Davros Skaro

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This is looking really great, that Osmo Oil really brings the timber up nicely too.

keep up the good work. The door looks great too, well done with the routing out of he letters!  :D 8)



You sir deserve the award for Most Steady Hand
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I'd forgotten this was going to be a 1/2 TARDIS, so I was initially confused by the base. 

I forget about the Super Glue.  I think the regular version may have some minor threat of allergic reaction.  Or maybe it's just so they can charge doctors 10x as much for the medical version.  But I'd heard of plenty of people using it this way (and have myself). 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Last night I put silver leaf foil in the lettering of the phone 'box' door so it would be ready for today.

This morning I had an extra hour and a bit in bed as I've been fairly tired recently.   Then had a rather steady start.

Played with the phone door to begin with.  Tidied up the silver leaf and put the edging on the little door.

Its not quite a garish in 'real life' as it may look here!


I think silver goes well with oak, and it should give an impression like its lighted up.  The satin chrome handles and lock will match too.

I bought an old dial wall phone a while ago.  In a cream sort of colour which goes nicely with the oak.

I tried it in the phone 'box', and it didn't quite fit.


So I made a hole in the side so it just fitted nicely.  And made a hole for the wire too.


The phone was cheap but I'd read on the internet that it wouldn't work with our phone provider.. but it did!     Which was a nice surprise.

I hinged the phone box door with little concealed hinges which were bizarrely made by Ferrari!

I've set the door in the same plane as the panels.    To me, the reason why the little door on the TYJ is more forwards is literally because it is a bit stuck on!  Hung on screws.
This being a piece of furniture, I think it looks more in keeping with it being set back.

I put the flat panels in the LHS door and loosely popped in a window and the phone 'box' and its door.  And then called Thomas to come and see!



Lastly I took the phone 'box' out again and gave it a coat of Osmo.

More tomorrow!


I demand an oak phone. ;)
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


The urge to 'paint and grain' the phone hasn't overtaken me yet!

Quick pic of the phone box with door on.   It slots into the rebate in the back of the door.


Made the other three windows today.. and not much to show for a lot of work with cutting the joints and screwing together.


I was planning on fitting all the other panels today, then sanding the doors and windows up.   But I'd had enough and came in a bit earlier than usual.

Thomas now wants to know where the keyhole is!


May have another go next Sunday.  Prob have a day off Tardis next Sat.



This is going to looks so splendid, your boy will be very happy.
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or a transparent blue stain so you could see the wood grain through it could be nice! happy building!
It's always a matter of time...


not sure why my last commented didnt end up where I thought I was putting it, ah well. this is a stunning build. I tip my floppy hat to you.
It's always a matter of time...


Quick Tardis Cut-Away..

Went to the Science and Media Museum in Bradford today.

No Tardis' there..    just a Dalek!


Number One Child also entered the fray.


Back on the Tardis Tools tomorrow..


It's a TPE Dalek, but it certainly looks like it's well maintained I must say :)



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I just love an unexpected Dalek sighting!  ;D



Went out early, but my great expectations for today were already quashed as I had to finish some 'proper work' first.

So it was almost 1pm before I began anything Blue and Boxey (sans the blue bit!)

I thought I'd cut, sand and put panels in the doors, then sand the door backs, then sand and glue windows in.   I did one, then realised I wouldn't have time for all 4.  So I just cut, sanded and put the panels in all the doors.

Here's a back view of two (and one gluing.)


With little else to show for today, I thought I'd dig out the corner posts again and prop things up together.   Makes it look like I have accomplished something!


Then Thomas had a try out.


And Hannah popped in and out.


'Til next time.


Kind Regards,



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I was going to have a go at the lock last Sunday, but time - or a lack of it - meant this wasn't going to happen.   Hopefully it will happen this weekend.

I'm doing a 'box' based on the TYJ Mk1.  But I am adjusting things to suit my own feelings on the design.

The siting of the lock is something I've thought about a bit.  I've been looking through the image reference sections here.   The positions on the original Metropolitan Police Boxes were on rails.



What you generally try to do when cutting a lock into a door, is not do it on a rail as this cuts out the strength in the mortise and tenon (or in cheaper doors - the doweled) joint.  

Looking at the locks above though, they may have been placed there as the lock is wider than the door stile (the door leg).   Plus there are plenty of other door rails to take up the strength of the one chopped out.

Looking at the position on the TYJ boxes..  It begins on the LH door, more in line with the middle of the 'phone box' panel.


Then moves to the RH side.


This is the position I was going to go far.   But because I've done a working 'phone box' door, I'd rather that the big door's handle line up with it.

Later I see that the lock and handle moves again, and this to a more 'traditional' Met Box position.

time and the rani4.png

The lock again is more to the right, and into the rail.  Maybe because they only had a larger night latch lock?

When McCoy later gains a proper 'phone box' door, the locks and handles are back to their previous position.


I'm not keen on doing this.

So after all this looking..  I'll be just going back to the Barnet Box type positioning!   (As I see they use in the Cushing films and New Series box!)

[And edited to say I just saw the pics from Dragonfire..!]


Earlier in this thread I mentioned I'd bought a cheap (brass) short night latch, then bought a satin chrome cylinder (which came with BASTA splashed across it!)   I sent this back and bought a Yale.

I've since bought a 4th one, which is just a plain satin chrome face.   This one also comes with roundy top keys.  The Yale has the newer squarish tops.


When working on a site last week I saw a Euro lock with a slightly interesting variation on a name.   Not a Yale..  a Kale.  Almost Kaled!


Then last night I was looking through boxes in my garage for some resin fixings, and I found two of these, old/new stock which someone gave me from an old joiner's shop.


Not night latches, but 'Century' is quite a good name to have on your Tardis lock!

I've had a look on Ebay, and there are some on there.. just no Satin Chrome....