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Timegirl's Christmas Animations

Started by TG, Dec 17, 2007, 06:17 pm

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I hope you accept my friend request on youtube :D fantastic work all round! to be honest I liked it better than the area 51 officially made CGI who show.
Sincerely, and most appreciatively,
The Architect.


I've been working on animating the missing episodes of the 2nd Doctor's story The Wheel in Space (4 of the 6 episodes were lost, wiped or junked by the BBC)
And as Mr Timegirl's fav film is Alien (and Ridley Scott did work for BBC Television in the 60's), I've imagined an Alien style trailer for Wheel in Space with some of my recreated footage.

Happy New Year


Bravo!  That's really damn impressive.  Very well done.  I like how you made sure the movement of the different characters were all very individual.  Several of the scenes I thought I was looking at live footage. 


Welcome Back TG.... Havent seen you for a long while..


FANTASTIC!!  you continue to excel yourself  - great stuff!

The Other

Timegirl why in the world are you not making movies with this talent. BBC should hire you to compete lost eps of the second Dr. Really good job!!!!!!!! :o
The Other


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Thank you all so much for your kind comments!
I'm really pleased you like it  :)
I've animated quite a lot of footage for The Wheel in Space, maybe one day I will complete the missing episodes...

p.s. Hi Scott!


Whoohoo! Great stuff! Love it!


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Thanks for posting.  I really enjoyed your work, well done :)  The Christmas episode was a work of genius, gets funnier each time I watch it ;D


Thank you Celation and Action-Mat
I'm pleased you like it  :)


Really great! The animations look amazing, especially the wobbling movement, very lifelike!


Blimey it's 12 years since I uploaded a video!

This does have a very small 3D Tardis, but if you blink you might miss it.
Created with sections from the animations I made for the photographic reconstruction of The Abominable Snowmen (released in the special features on the recent BBC DVD).

It's Doctor Who Yeti in a Hammer film style trailer
(under two minutes).