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Pricey Paint Flakes

Started by ciderman, Apr 08, 2019, 07:35 pm

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Mooching eBay and came across this.Screenshot_20190407_194237_com.ebay.mobile.jpg Screenshot_20190407_194237_com.ebay.mobile.jpg It's a lot for what it is but nice for reference


Sorry, meant to post description but it posted the main pic twice. Sausage finger's!!Screenshot_20190408_204315_com.ebay.mobile.jpg


Doubt I need it, but I grabbed it just in case.


Fifty quid for a scrap of TARDIS paint?

Final proof, if it was ever needed, that Dr Who fans will buy any old sh*te... ::)

Holy cow....



Correction: Fans, and the leave-no-stone-unturned obsessed like me.  Pretty much the same thing, now that I think about it.


Put a close up pic on when you get it please. If I had the money I'd have got it myself!


A picture won't help you, but if we use it we'll match it and tell you the formula.


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tony farrell

It's interesting to note that both the paint samples mentioned in this topic have come from the TY-J Tardis which was on display at the DWE in Cardiff (i.e., the youngest of the two surviving TY-J boxes).

Given that Mike is recreating the original (season 18) TY-J and that not a lot - if anything - of this box survived the start-of-season 20 refit/rebuild, I'm not quite sure what buying a sample of paint from a later version of the box will accomplish?

I've always found Mark Barton Hill (who restored the younger TY-J box) to be very approachable, friendly and helpful. He might be able to shed some light on the colours he used and some background information on the colours present on this later version of the box before he restored it.



Tony - you're absolutely right that I have almost no expectation of using the paint, or referencing its color for my build.  It is, however, a data point, and in comparison to the rest of my build, cheap.  In short, there is virtually no reason for me NOT to have it - perhaps that data point yields something about the density of the orange peel on the surface, or perhaps it says something about the nature of the paint used.

I can think of a dozen reasons to have something like that in the room, but it's mostly for the reasons I can't think of that I grabbed it.

alan smithee

At the very least, you could say it's a good luck charm! Maybe the spirit of the original box will bring down blessings upon you ;)