Mysterious 1975 Blue Peter Brachaki Altered model?

Started by Lyn Winters, Mar 24, 2019, 08:44 am

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Quote from: ionsith on Mar 25, 2019, 07:45 pm
Incredible! Where did you get the reference material from to make it?

Thanks for the compliment! As there were no videos, DVDs etc I had to watch the series as it was broadcast, trying to remember details.
The only reference material I had was some old 1960's Radio Times cuttings, and The Making of Doctor Who by Malcolm Hulke  & Terrance Dicks in 1972. The excellent Radio Times 10th anniversary special in '73 was also very useful...



classic who

They really were great models, I also remember seeing the item on TV as well, and then seeing the models at the Blackpool exhibition.


What a shame they were junked, how did you find out? I mean to say, did you call & ask where they were?

Ha ha very funny comment re Peter Purves. To us kids of a certain age in the 70's he was Blue Peter 1st. I remember being so shocked when they showed the clip of him in Dr Who as that was a shock as he wasn't known for being an actor (also a shock to see 'The Brig' in the same clip! Now a days he's better know for Who than BP. Strange the tricks time plays eh? ;)