Mysterious 1975 Blue Peter Brachaki Altered model?

Started by Lyn Winters, Mar 24, 2019, 08:44 am

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Lyn Winters

I came across this photograph of a Blue Peter thing from 1975 on Twitter. The scale model seems for the time quite accurate to the Brachaki Altered box. I wonder what happened to the box, and where it came from.


It was made by one of the viewers. All of the models seen in the picture was made by him. I remember this when it was 1st transmitted. That said, it's also on one of the dvd's. If memory serves it is on one of the last single dvd's released.

Lyn Winters

Made by a viewer? Impressive, especially considering it's more accurate than what the BBC did, especially with what little reference there'd be in that day. I wonder what happened with it...


I seem to remember a guy being interviewed a few years back & if memory serves he still has it. I don't know if I'm adding to a memory, but I'm sure he works in TV/films with props. I'm sure someone will correct me on this. :)


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The model was made by me. The whereabouts of all my models after their appearance at the Blackpool exhibition, are unknown. I think they all ended in a skip...


Lyn Winters

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Shame to hear that. Impressive work on the model though. Guess you're one of the first TARDISBuilders... Hehehe.


"Liked" the "made by me" part.  Did not like the "unknown, probably thrown away" part, but such is life.  Nice work and good that there are photos. 
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kert gantry

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Markofrani, that was YOU? That Blue Peter item is one of my very favourite things.

I'm appalled to hear those beautiful models were 'disappeared', possibly skipwards.


tony farrell

Considering the paucity of reference material available in the mid 1970s and the fact the you must have been incredibly young at the time, this is stunning work.  :)

Are the Tardis interior and laboratory sets your work too?


Davros Skaro

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Did anyone notice the long haired host? It's Peter Purves who played Steven Taylor when the Doctor (William Hartnell) was captured by the Mechanoids while being chased by the Daleks in the story "The Chase" & ended up becoming part of the crew.

I also remember seeing this on one of the DVD extras, but can't remember which one at the moment.


Edit. Went looking for the DVD set that this episode is on, & found it! It's the 2nd disc of "Genesis of The Daleks" models made by Jonathan Sellers. Well done Jonathan. I always loved your models & figures.


Awesome! Do you still have your Blue Peter badge?

Angelus Lupus

No box, no badge? The injustice! You were robbed!  ;D
That entire model set/scenery is incredible!
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It took Ray Cusick a while to get one so your in good company.


Incredible! Where did you get the reference material from to make it?