I may regret this but I'm trying to build a Tardis Doorbell cover.

Started by MattBatt, Feb 09, 2023, 04:57 am

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Here's my story it's sad but true.
At work we got a GlowForge Laser cutter and in a moment of brilliance I thought I'd just find some easy Tardis plans to cut out of thin plywood and make a new housing around my doorbell....
5 days and many hours of research later I have learned the hard truth that:
a) there isn't just ONE standard Tardis
b) You guys are insanely dedicated and I love it
c) I need to accurately gauge my abilities, time, and long term happiness to decide how detailed my decoration should be... This is hard

First and foremost this forum has been an incredible resource and educational site Thank you to everyone who has posted here. Thank you Thank you. Sites like these are the best of web.

So my idea so far Half of a Tardis "sticking out of the wall" maybe a little past half for the whole top light thing. The bottom 5 panels will be made of cloth so that the sound can exit the Tardis and so that I can light up the top windows and sign. The top "half" will be sealed to keep the light out of the bottom "half".
My existing doorbell has a resonator tube on either side and the it's exterior dimension is 7.25 in (184.15 mm). Using the excellent plans posted by dw_1200 I have estimated about a 1:7.5 ratio should be about the right size. I'm going to use some Square dowels in the corners and the shape of the resonators allows that.
I have been running all of his measurements on the document through the Ratio Calculator and annotating it in Inkscape.
I have not yet committed to using 5mm plywood or foamcore.
I will probably just cut squares out of the material instead of making tiny Stiles and Rails like this guy did. I think that's past my detail threshold.
I'm trying to find a fabric that at least somewhat looks like wood grain in 2 in (385 mm) squares.

That's where I am so far.
Anybody see any major, terrible, idiotic, ideas or mistakes I'm making yet?
I'm not past the point of no return yet.



Welcome to TB.
I would say just go for it.
It's a huge learning curve and mistakes can be sorted on the way.
Looking forward to see how you get on.

Andrew Harvey

As Russell says, Just go for it!!
   (I had thought about doing one as a porch around my own front door. But things like that only attract too much attention around here! Also I am not sure my dear Landlady and landlord would like it!)

  Good luck,


Don't lose too much sleep about the different TARDISes.  We're about the only people who notice.  When I built my TARDIS I intentionally simplified the design and cut some corners to make it cheaper and easier to build.  After a few years I got disappointed and re-did it to make it more accurate.  I was so excited that I was showing pictures to a friend who was a Dr. Who fan and he was like "I don't see the difference." 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


I have to constantly remind myself of this.  Make it your own, keep it fun.  What you think are imperfections won't even be noticed by other people.