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My year and a half of building my own TARDIS.

Started by elmarm, Dec 12, 2022, 07:59 am

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I got this bright idea mid lockdown of building my own TARDIS as a fun project for me and my (Then 8yo) son to do together. Its been a fun journey but now its FINALLY done. Herewith some pics of the journey.215242977_612447346589226_4026070147842799900_n_612447343255893.jpg


There's an annoying extra step in this board software where, after you've uploaded an image you've got to go down to the bottom of the post where there is a "Manage Attachments" button.  If you click that, you'll see the links for all your images.  There will be an "Attach" button under each image.  If you click that, the images won't be "greyed-out" anymore.  I went in and did the first one but there are so many pictures in this post (I'm not complaining about the pictures, they're wonderful and we all love pictures here) that I wasn't going to do them all. Congratulations on your build and welcome to the board.  :)
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