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BBC TARDIS Console Screensaver

Started by BioDoctor900, Mar 21, 2019, 12:39 am

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Hi Guys,

Some of you may remember, some may not, but does anyone have the SWF. file of the 2010 TARDIS Console screen??

The Beeb have deleted it from the Doctor Who website, and I can't find anything on the net of any links. I didn't know if anyone had it on their computer....I'm looking at you Dino, you normally have tons of stuff like that

If anyone has, I'd be greatful



Huh, didn't even know there was a 2010 scanner screensaver....

Then again, the only scanner screensaver I remember is the unofficial, fan-made 2005 one. While I'm on that tangent, I think I might even still have the SWF files to those, but I'm sure BioDoc knows about (and even has) that one, so....

- Puzzled
ThePuzzledboy - a cosplayer who needs his own TARDIS and console.....


In Garry's Mod there is an excellent replica of the 2010 TARDIS which has the animated console screen