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BBC Newbery Plans

Started by anson, Nov 11, 2010, 10:25 am

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Quote from: hb88banzai on Aug 20, 2010, 09:11 pm
Wow - absolutely wonderful to finally see these Newbery plans. But, argh - can't read most of the measurements. Still, many thanks.

I was the person that originally got hold of those plans from ebay. I scanned them and used photoshop to join all the parts together...

These should be clearer but bear in mind these plans look quite a bit different to the box the BBC ended up making.


Click thumbnail for a larger image.


EDIT: Added a local copy -- SW


Wow - what a difference!

Absolutely brilliant - many thanks!

Rassilons Rod

Thats fantastic, thank you so much! :)
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Quote from: liz79 on Aug 15, 2010, 11:20 am
I noticed somewhere on a thread here that someone was interested to know what the layout of the console room was on the studio floor. So, here's what was on the studio plan for The King's Demons. Hope it's of interest.


I'm loving all the hard work and dedicated research on the boards..  Some great stuff going on.

That said, are we absolutely sure those are the plans for The King's Demons?  There are no TARDIS corridors in the story as far as I recall, so it seems strange to build the corridors if they weren't to be used.  I appreciate it was a particularly troubling story for filming due to issues with the Kamelion prop, so perhaps some planned scenes were cut and not recorded?


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It could also be possibly that the corridors were simply left up from previous stories ("Terminus", being only two stories before "The King's Demons": "Terminus", "Enlightenment", "The King's Demons"), and "Terminus" having made heavy use of the corridors. Maybe they left them in place with plans to use them again, as they were a few stories later in "Planet of Fire".

Just guessing.

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Pete D posted a smaller scan of the Newbery box plans, and then Anson posted his stitched together copy of the Newbery box plans back in 2010 (a few posts up) but just spotted a very clear scan of the plans online....

use your zoom for nice close up detail!



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Quote from: Dalekoracle on Nov 05, 2017, 11:44 am
use your zoom for nice close up detail!

Go one better:
Spot the high-res download link on the page. Either click the link, open the image and then 'Right-click'->'Save Image As...', or just right-click on the link and select "Download Linked File" to download it directly to your default download folder (or "Download Linked File As..." if you want to rename the file before downloading it).

There are also other images if you click on the <-Previous or Next-> links. The two previous to the studio plans are of someone's TARDIS build (one daytime, one nighttime); the two next after the studio plans are of one external, one internal drawing of what I think are early Mackenzie-Trench plans, though they're not as large as the studio plans are, pixelwise. (The external drawing just has POLICE - PUBLIC on the top sign; a diamond replaces the "-" on the actual drawing, but I can't put a small enough diamond in this post.)

I'm sure one of our Police Box historians will correct me if I'm wrong about which set of drawings these come from.

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Dino - A bit off Topic, but those other plans on that link are in indeed part of the Trench plans - bog stock Front Elevation and Section B B, and look to be the same scans posted here in the Police Box Reference section long ago ( These plans are the only ones we've had access to all these years (other than the GPO's PA350 equipment layout drawings from 1937 -, and based on what exhibits were proffered during the Trademark dispute, they are apparently the only ones to the original type still in the Met's records. No others have come to our attention in the National Archives either.

They were drawn by Trench himself based on the inscription at the bottom of the full sheet, which had the same hand lettering style as in the rest of the plans. They are undated, but by deduction from morphology of both Box and equipment details have been able to be dated to be from between late-1934 and early-1935, as they appear to be the initial tender solicitation working drawings for the Mark 3 Met Box, the first of which began to be erected in the summer of 1935.


As a very late postscript - I actually bought these plans from Newbery's grandson.