List of Scale Model FX TARDISes used in the classic series

Started by Rassilons Rod, Mar 11, 2019, 12:02 am

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Lol. It finally confirms the suspected back window configuration too :)


Wow  are you able to post pictures of each side?


The pics I've posted are really as good as it gets in terms of detail as its such a quick camera move. One fast zoom in, another fast zoom out unfortunately.


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Quote from: undefinedBlowing up a 1/3-ish scale TARDIS out on the backlot. That was fun to watch.

I don't know what episode this relates to, however most of the reference material is 12th Doctor.
Recorded at the same time as Series 9 The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


It's likely from the "Maximum Extermination!" sequence in The Magician's Apprentice, with the effect almost completely obscured by flare of light.

A bit of a pity that the practical effect was covered up, but maybe the lack of a visibly exploding TARDIS works better for it's later reappearance.