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Scale Models in the New Series?

Started by NotaMountainGoat, Feb 19, 2014, 04:59 pm

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Just curious, but have they ever had to construct a scale model TARDIS for the new series at any point, like they used to for the classic series?

I realize with today's technology they can create a quick CG TARDIS anytime they need to (or digitally shrink a full size prop), but I was wondering if there might have been ONE time when an actual model might have been required...


Actually, yes they have.  And you just saw them in the last two specials. :D  Mike Tucker's outfit did them.  In Day of the Doctor, the scene where the War Doctor crashes his TARDIS through a wall into Daleks, and in Time of the Doctor when the Doctor uses his initial regeneration energy burst to blow up the Daleks and you see the shockwave shake the TARDIS.
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Oh wow, cool! And now that I think about it, that did look an awful lot like a model crashing through the wall in DOTD.

I don't know why, but I just really love the idea that they still occasionally use models on this show (or hell, ANY show nowadays).

Do we know what the sizes of those models were by the way?

mr mcgoo

I too was surprised that they began using models again.

Purpleblancmange wrote on his blog that the scene in DOTD contained the CO 18" daleks he designed, puting the TARDIS at about 1/4 scale.
This is the link for reference:


Hmm, now I kinda want to make a diorama of a 1/4 TARDIS crashing through a wall.  ;D


That's sort of been done, but at life size and no rubble. http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/go-home-tardis-youre-drunk.jpg
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There were at list a war doctor tardis model used in the 50th anniversary special.
I can't find any vidéos of it(there were some on youtube at some point)

But here are some pictures frome the model artist's web site



funny details, the war doctor model as inacuratly fin corner posts and roof lamp. i realy wonder why. it implies a lot actualy