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2014 era TARDIS for elevator/lift door

Started by timmy_cyyc, Feb 09, 2019, 03:49 am

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-Illuminated Call Box sign made with black vinyl custom cut sticker from popular online craft sales site, stuck onto plexi-glass. Illuminated with LED strips diffused simply with white paper.
-Tin sign from geek paraphernalia website
-St. John decal from automotive decal website
-Windows framed with half-inch square dowel over plexi-glass painted on the back
-Yale lock ordered from England because it wasn't available in North America (in this size)
-Handles! These sash handles had to be ordered from a hardware store in England because this style (2 vertical screws at each end) isn't available in North America. My pet peeve is when people point toolbox style handles on a TARDIS prop (2 screws at each end, but horizontally.) They arrived shiny and chrome but were given an aged look by soaking in a bleach solution.
-The door began as a 36"slab door. The blue TARDIS paint is dirtied up with some water down black paint that was wiped off after applying.