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Tardis Pantry cont

Started by STEVO, Apr 28, 2022, 04:40 pm

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So a little update
Its been a while and the doors have been sticking for some time so I reset the hinges and frame rather than change the door size.

The POLICE BOX sign and frame is being reworked to be better and neater.

The PTO sign has letters stuck to the front and white paint on the back that is now falling off - so its a scrub for that and repaint or card option - with the phone storage next.

With the ERA lock and plate finally fitted I can now lock the pantry up and hide the key..
Its already become a pain as I notice just how many times I use it.

As the doors open OUT to access the contents rather than go in..Ive fitted a bolt lock and plate to floor to the left door to hold it in place while the door with the lock closes.

Its a little strange cos its backwards to how the locks are supposed to work but this way it does.

I added the TARDIS sign for now as its been knocking around for ages and its safer fitted to the inside door.

Its still very much a work in progress with beading in the frame corners to be fitted.

As now ive given plenty of clearance in the parts of the year that play havoc with my doors I will need to fit  a inside frame now for the doors to close into as the gap now allows light through too much for my liking.

Im trying best to make a TARDIS that does not have obvious screw location or filled holes.
Making it then as accurate as possible to the 11th Docs reset clean and that the doors open out has been fiddly

I am still making the phone box housing to fit to left PTO door inside

Its still run from an Alexa so its controlled with COMPUTER TARDIS ON and all lights up which I never get bored of and often leave on at night for the hell of it

hope to do much more soon and post



That looks really nice!

I never get bored with mine, either.  :)