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Edinburgh Double Size Replica

Started by starcross, Jan 19, 2019, 05:11 pm

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Jan 19, 2019, 05:11 pm Last Edit: Jan 19, 2019, 05:36 pm by starcross
This is an interesting find I spotted today on Ebay. Its quite fascinating to see an Idea I had years ago, about expanding the number of panels to make a nice garden shed, put into the real world. Clearly I wasn't the only one thinking about such things.

For those not familiar, the front of an Edinburgh Box has two windows, and the side only one window. This replica has added a new window to the front, and to the side. Because they added a new window and central column to the side of the box, they also had to change the pitch of the roof. If I recall correctly the roof pitch on the original is about 20 degrees.

The original boxes are about 6ft x 4ft roughly. By adding the new column and window sections on the side the would have added approximately 3ft according to my measurements. That would make this box about 9ft x 6ft.
The side would have been 7ft, but they built it like the front of the box making it 6ft. There is an extra 8" section of material between the window and the outside columns that are missing on this replica. Those two missing sections on the outside of the Box drops the width by 16 inches dropping us from 7ft to 6ft.  

Overall it looks like a great shed design, and worth copying if an exact Edinburgh Replica won;t suit your garden shed needs.

Ebay item #: 123447155653
Price listed at: £5,500
Replica Police Box as seen in the new Avengers assemble movie shot in Edinburgh, this item is hand crafted to a good standard and could be re-purposed for your garden, or as a commercial unit, or as an advertising resource. The box is larger than the standard design, yet is true to the original with all the architectural features we associate with this iconic piece of street furniture. If you require any other pics, or details please do not hesitate to call me on  07870987422  Thanks for looking, the Buyer uplifts