Doctor Who confidenial (full version) Series 6 - Neil Gaiman next to TYJ Box

Started by danielc, Mar 20, 2019, 10:26 pm

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Are you sure that is one of the original TJY boxes?  Something about it seems off.  The recessed panels don't seem to have any taper to them.
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The panels also don't appear to match the contours of what I've derived for s18-s20 at least, but it may be the angle. Any more shots?


This box is the box that was put into the Doctor Who Experience, the photo must have been taken before the box was put into the experience. If you look closely at the photo I've supplied you can see it matches the panel thickness on the doors :)

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I don't know about the panel thicknesses, but that is an interesting reinterpretation of the source mold.  If you've followed my build thread, you know to look for the telltale downturn on the second-from-top right side door/panel, and the equally obvious upturn in the upper left corner of the left window panel.  On this box, the doors are reversed: the downturn panel is on the LEFT side, and the upturn is on the RIGHT side.  Somewhere during the build these were swapped.  There are other signs this is definitely not the Mk1 (I suppose that's already known), but this side-swapping is both crystal clear, and shows this box has some provenance to the original mold source.

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If you're interested, and if they're not already readily available elsewhere on this forum (I assume they're not or you'd have seen the Experience setup already) I (and probably most of the UK-based folks here) have photos of that box square on (up to a point...) and of other side(s) of it too.  To see what they've done with it all.


Yes, we went through the DWE boxes extensively awhile back.  They differ significantly from the s18 original, which was my personal build target.  But they have similar provenance, for sure.