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5.5inch TARDIS Redo

Started by simon83, Nov 26, 2018, 04:51 pm

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My backdrop for my Jodie box. Also includes side walls too. Very pleased with how this looks.


Updated my interior on my custom Box. Looks pretty neat!
Its amazing at the fact that the windows on the inside line up with those on the outside so when the light shines through. It actually lights up the window section aswell

Angelus Lupus

Seeing these great Tardis interior backdrops makes me wonder if we have a reference thread for images like that? Whether actual ones used in the props (I believe I've got a huge image of the 2005 one somewhere) or ones that would do the same trick, like these excellent custom models?
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An accurate TARDIS vs a crappy TARDIS


Which one is which? I wont complain about any model of a TARDIS
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The one on the left is mine and is a true 1/13 scale replica of Jodies Tardis. The one on the right is the cheaply made Jodie tardis toy. While it does have a decent paint job and texture. Its not enough to convince me of a good job. The tennant box and smith and capaldi boxes were good faithful replicas of their respective boxes. But this is just such a cheap toy and is really simply crap. The amount of inaccuacies is insane along with the lack of an interior backdrop.


This shows just SOME of what they got wrong. Whereas my one is exact for the actual prop using blueprints created by peps on this very site. I even created a backdrop for my own one. Which is far more than we have gotten with this. It saddens me that we're not seeing the same quality level that we used to see. Especially considering the prototype that was shown off was far far better.



ever thought of 3d prinding the window frames and glass as one mould in  a clear plastic then paint the frames instead of using paper?


Oh I have. The windows are 3d printed too. The window bits you see on the inside are just for interior decoration. These are window piece tests. 20200316_000336.jpg
Far more accurate than the CO Toy.


sweet looks wonderful ahead of me XD


Updated tardis interior card for my Jodie box. Very happy with how it looks tbh.


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And that is the 13th Docs Tardis exterior done. I will probs redo this at some point so it can light up maybe. But for now, this is pretty cool to have an accurate box in my collection.
Next up, The War Docs.

tony farrell

Whilst I'm not a fan of the Jodie Whitaker iteration, I must say that you've done a really good job on the box!

I notice at the start of this topic that you were asking about suitable renders of the Tardis interior(s) as viewed from the doors. I see you've already built a Brachacki box so perhaps ask Slava/DW_1200 for his Brachacki Interior render? It's a lovely render and I know it's accurate as Slava used my plans!  ;)



Been a while lol so thought Id share my progress so far on the War Doc tardis which is nearly finished now.
And compared with my ever growing tardis collection
download (1).jpg


I have been working as always and done a number of box kits now. And I decided to do my own new box with wood texture and new window lines within.


Got the Jodie box done and the war doc box finally done too. Only need to insert the backdrops.
I have also started the 1st Doctors box as well as the AISAT Box which I have dubbed the Bradley box.