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New, New TardisBuilders!

1:7th Scale Hudolin build

Started by fivefingeredstyre, Jul 18, 2020, 07:14 am

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Jul 18, 2020, 07:14 am Last Edit: Jul 18, 2020, 11:33 am by fivefingeredstyre
Want to see what I was up to while we were away?

McGann lamp web.JPG

Wall Casts for weba.JPG

Hudolin stack shot for web.JPG

Stack shot for web.JPG

Stack shot for weba.JPG

IMG_2603 for web.jpg

McGann final paint for Web.jpg

McGann Finshed paint face on For Web.jpg


Stunning. My favorite box. I love your models.

Rassilons Rod

In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.


@fivefingeredstyre Aw the little fresnel! The model looks amazing especially with the lights on.


Looks amazing!
My fave TARDIS brought to life beautifully.




Angelus Lupus

Nice! I was half expecting to fade out and reveal the lovely looking Enterprise behind it!
A mixed-up non-conformist, trying to fit in.


A bit of fun...

This was my first attempt at motion green screen work.

Yeah, the end credits are a little long; however it's the shortest possible length I could edit down the end titles theme, and still keep the same rhythm going...


Just in case you thought I was goofing off TARDIS building...

2020-11-08 16.12.04.jpg

dr hue

Looking great.

What are these made of and how did you make the Fresnel ?