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Plan View of the 1996 console room

Started by danielc, Oct 20, 2018, 01:38 pm

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Disappointingly lacking in detail, given that there's quite a lot of archive material in the form of photographs and video of the McGann Console Room.


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This is probably intended to be like an actual "user's manual": bare bones for the layout of the console room. Any decor that a Time Lord would see fit to add wouldn't be included in such a manual, so such "set dressing" would be out of place - making the manual too specific. It's probably the reason they went with a console on the cover rather than a Police box. With the almost infinite number of 'desktop themes' available for the console room, even having the current console on the cover makes for a good fit (though they could have also used the "Chameleon Circuit Off" Type-40 like we saw in "The Name Of The Doctor" just before the 1st Doctor steals borrows one, and that would have fit right in with the intent of the manual).

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It doesn't quite match the TVM set as we know it from the behind-the-scenes material in Regenerations. There's an anteroom (with roundels no less) behind the main doors. The way the Type 40 Manual plan shows the room extending behind the main doors is just... odd.
TVM 1.jpg

The console platform should extend to the base joints of the buttresses, and the console is aligned with the platform, not 30° off.


And calling the alcove an "arboretum" when it clearly has no trees is just weird. Regenerations shows that this area more closely resembles a conservatory, and is divided into two sections which it labels the Music Room and the Green Room (left and right respectively on this image):


This is the bit of the room that has the wall of clocks we see in the opening scenes of the TVM.