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Started by BioDoctor900, Oct 15, 2018, 12:03 am

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Howdy folks, I'm putting together an isolated model of the spinning TARDIS and was wondering if anyone ever figured out the diameter of the brushless motor? There are literally thousands of these available, but the metal on top and bottom it actually a bit rare, at least with this level of finish and the volts/wattage at the bottom along with the CE marking. For instance, I can find loads of these on AliExpress, but few will have CE because, well, haha "quality" isn't always the seller's primary function.

What's truly fascinating to me, also, is that although this could be glass, it appears to be some kind of polished 3D print, because when I printed one using transparent PLA and the "lightning" fill in Cura, the inside structure left very similar supports (since FDM printers can't really print on thin air, they need supports, and there's all sorts of settings from totally filled with plastic to just a wisp -- lightning is the wisp). This results in a very light "model" that allows maximum light transmission.

The rest is pretty simple, machinist stuff, some flexible electronics conduit, and a decent LED spotlight. I'm working on eliminating the flow lines on the edges with some polishing, but that motor is vexing me! Thanks in advance :)

PS - I'll upload a photo soon, but as I write this, Facebook appears to be experiencing a pretty massive outage, and I posted on Instagram. LOL.

Quote from: douglas442 on Oct 30, 2018, 10:52 pmholoTdetail02.JPG

It seems that I misread the three clues ( well, four... if including the "inspirational" bit ) that I had spotted, and so was simply lead astray by appearances. It does happen, sometimes. Or a lot. Anyway, a closer examination of some of the images posted in this and another thread revealed the following details:


"24V" and "12W", or 24 volts at 12 watts. So... yes... it seems that the top part is indeed a motor. Possibly a Brushless DC, or a Stepper ( such as pictured below, with a shaft extending from both end of the case ) for very fine computer control of it's movement, and some consequent interesting strobe lighting effects.



Rubbertoe replicas actually sold a replica of the spinning glass Police Box so there may be some onfo on their website. Charachter options do a transparent Tardis which may be an option for you as well