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Making Mood Indicators

Started by The14thDr, Apr 25, 2017, 04:27 pm

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Okay, looks like there's no need for me to create any graphics for the emojis, as BlobVanDam over on TheRPF was kind enough to post the graphics that he created:

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i am at work right now and I wish I had one..my mood would show as perturbed!!! :P

I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


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I'd call them mood rings or badges, "WE DON'T NEEDED NO STINKING BADGES". Sory, that qouat just poped out. ;D

This episode reminds me of a couple of the classic episodes. Happiness Patrol, in you had to keep smiling, & the mood badges remind me of the corps markers / Robot deactivation discs from "Androids of Death".


I found watching the newer episodes of Doctor Who, you'll find similarity's to classic episodes. Old plot or device refreshed into a bran new plot or device.
Recycling ideas gives a chance to remember the classics. :)


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Well I continued on from BlobVanDam on the RPF, and used the PSD he provided to make the rest of the Emojis seen in the episode...

The three he created originally...




And the ones I've made

Crying 1 Tear.jpg

Crying 2 Tears.jpg







Hope these come in use



Beautiful work BioDoctor900!! Thanks for sharing these. I almost forgot about the other variants seen in the episode, but you've done a marvellous job of recreating them.

Are these on the cards for any of our members? I know I'd like to give one or two of these a go at some point, I just wondered if anyone else is planning on making this prop.

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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Me and DavidNagel have been talking about them, and thinking of ways to make them. I wondered if there was a way to make them work like they did in the episode, but I think they would be a bit tricky to do, especially if it involved electronics, unless anyone has any ideas

There were two emojis I missed out, one being the death one, but I don't think we need that one, and the other being a zig zag line mouth one, which can be seen on the ends of the cryogenic chambers in the episode



I've been thinking a nice way to do these is to get them lenticular printed, so its a different emoji at certain angles (max 2 I think!)

However making that cost effective is an interesting exercise all on its own. ...

Angelus Lupus

Nice additions!
I'm in the middle of making my own versions of these (and the extra ones), partly for fun, but mainly because I don't have anything that opens psd files, at least, not in a way that preserves the layers or any vector info. Besides, I enjoy the minutiae of perspective correcting screengrabs and matching elements (heck I went through my entire font database just looking at question marks!)

As for making it cost effective? I remember a few years back someone in the family had a make-your-own badges kit. You had a backing piece that you put your picture on, a clear domed cover and (I think) a plastic ring that clipped over and held it on. With something like that it would be easy to swap out the emoji.
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Tiny update Re: the size of the indicators.

MGC over on theRPF (who worked on the original prop) has confirmed the diameter to be 50mm. So I guess now we have a definitive set of measurements for these, since both the thickness and the diameter have been confirmed. :)
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Outstanding news, 14th! (For those of us using imperial measurements, 50mm is 1.969 inches - which is close enough to call 2 inches.) So now all we need is the "blank" for the other side of the Mood Indicator:


A little editing and (as the saying's been going lately) "Bob's your uncle"! ;D

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Davros Skaro

You ask about the other side of the "Mood Indicator", but if you remember when watching the story, they couldn't see their mood on the side that they were looking at, but The Doctor could see Billies mood & visa-versa. When they turned it over it went blank & was on the other side, so all you need is one that is blank on one side & an interchangeable disc for the other side so if your with someone you look at the blank side & your friends can see the mood side. If you have it on your back then you just need a single sided badge.

Does this make sense or am I way off track?


P.S. I think that I look at things too logically sometimes. Just call me "Spock" if you like. LMSO.  :D


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Well, either way it would work: wear it on your back and have just a single-sided Mood Indicator, or carry it around and just keep the blank side facing you. But for the latter you'd need the "blank" for that side.

Also, if you wanted to just flip it around in your hand, you'd need two blank sides because as you flipped it, the "emoji" side would always switch to the side facing away from you, so no matter which side you flipped it to, you would always have a blank facing up in the palm of your hand. (This would be when more than one of those would come in handy. You could flip the double-blank around in your hand, and then with a little slight of hand, hold up one of the indicators with an emoji on it and ask your friend what mood it says you're in.)

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I found these on eBay for just a couple of pounds, and they even have the correct diameter and thickness for the Mood Indicators (50mm x 5mm, as confirmed by MCG on TheRPF, who worked on the origal prop.) All you'd need to do is print off your emoji of choice (many thanks to BioDoctor900 for this), paint the discs silver and glue the emojis into place.

I think I'll order a few of these and get to work (build diary coming soon.)

Kind regards, The14thDr :D

EDIT: based on the available screengrabs and known measurements, I quickly threw together these blueprints in SketchUp.
mood indicator blueprints.jpg
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Angelus Lupus

Can't quite tell if those ebay discs are flat or domed.
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Since they're just laser cut acrylic/Perspex, my guess would be flat, but looking at the photos on the listing they do look slightly domed.
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