Paint options for a guy who has only seen pics on Pinterest.

Started by fjdwheat, Sep 04, 2018, 11:35 pm

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I am trying to determine the correct paint color for my TARDIS.  I don't know the colors other than what I see on Pinterest.  These are some colors I am considering.  Any help on which one or something I should be looking for. Thanks.3A208ABD-A514-4222-9B82-FDA7D4B11C70.jpeg


Considering your box looks like a met/Hartnell build, id be going for the middle one or they dyed indigo



I'm afraid I don't recall...oh, are you the guy who built a box even though he's not actually a Dr. Who fan?  Personally, I kind of like going as dark as possible without being actually black, so yeah, the Narragansett Bay.  That said, if I ever get around to doing a refurb, I'm going to be going a lighter shade on mine than it currently is.  Go with whatever you like. 

In the past I thought the right color of blue was an essential, important decision.  Of late I've decided it isn't very important at all.  You see, blue will look totally different in different lighting conditions.  On a partly cloudy day my TARDIS looks completely different in pics taken seconds apart, based on what the clouds are doing.  So you can pick a color that you think is the most accurate and sometimes you'll love it and sometimes you'll hate it.  Blue is really funny, how much it changes based on lighting. 

In closing, your TARDIS will tell you what color it wants to be.  That sounds crazy, but it's true.  I had a perfectly nice all-blue TARDIS but it started whispering to me in the middle of the night that it wanted to be dark blue with white trim.  So I painted her.  For the past year or so, she's been pestering me to paint her all blue again.  I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  ;)
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Volpone is absolutely right.

Your TARDIS will look a different blue every day, depending on weather conditions, so you might as well go with whatever shade you personally like best.

The TARDIS props have been so many different colours in the shows history, ranging from deep, dark, rich blues, right through to paler, almost grey/blue.

I personally prefer the darker, glossier colour, but go with what you think looks good & it will look perfect :D

PS: I meant to comment on your other thread, saying you are not a fan, you have never seen a whole episode, yet you decide to build a full scale TARDIS?!? I thought I was crazy!!

Considering this & the fact you didn't even use a set of plans, the results are awesome!!!!

Well done!



What Russell said is true. There's something about the blue color that makes it look different shades in different lighting conditions. So, quoting from

20) The shade of blue you thought was "it", probably isn't.

21) It doesn't matter what colour you paint your box, she'll look whatever colour she likes on the day.

22) No matter what shade of blue you choose, it will never be the blue you want. Further to the previous law, if you replace it with a different blue, it will still not be right. Your "blue" is unobtainable. Might as well paint the thing pink.

That said, depending on which version of TARDIS you're building and going by what you've built so far, my personal choices for the color from the list up-thread:

Brachacki-Original (Hartnell) - Narraganset Navy (with some bluer shades spotted here and there);
Tom Yardley-Jones (Tom Baker-Sylvester McCoy) - Delft Pottery (with some darker shades spotted here and there).

And of course, you could always paint her pink (except for the Phone Panel's and the Top Signs' signage) like they did to her in the Sylvester McCoy story "The Happiness Patrol". Then you wouldn't have to worry about making her look dirty as the pink paint was clean. (I don't think we've had a pink TARDIS build yet, so yours could be a first for us. :))

You're really doing a great job for a non-fan, but I've commented on that in your Diary. :D

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