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Edinburgh Replica

Started by chriskingbees, Aug 21, 2018, 09:56 am

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This popped up on Facebook, surely unique, and I can't find it on here anywhere, but then I'm usually wrong lol, an Edinburgh box fan build?
I've put it next to a real one for comparison





That's a great photo find!

Must be one of a kind?!



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Quote from: chriskingbees on Aug 21, 2018, 09:56 am
...an Edinburgh box fan build?

Don't laugh, KB. That's exactly what I was thinking of doing when the wife and I were planning to put a shed in our back yard so we'd have a place to store tools and things, and give our back room some "elbow room" for working on things indoors when the weather was nasty. (Only my box would have been blue; and a shout out to Starcross for all the great references he'd given me to help me with accuracy. Thanks, mate!)

That plan was unfortunately put on hold due to other things the house desperately needed to have done, and it soaked up lots of what we were putting into savings for such projects. Now we're waiting for our prized maple tree to come down due to disease. She's already dropping large branches and limbs from high up, and the last thing we want is for her to drop a missile through our roof (or one of our neighbors'), or come down in a storm or hurricane on any of the aforementioned houses. And once that's done we'll need to have the yard leveled to smooth over where her roots were.

So my Edinburgh "Police Information Box" will have to wait. (On the plus side, my son thinks he can render and 3D print a frosted cylinder 7.5 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall (with a .25-inch "lip" on the top and bottom) for a Season 2 Brachacki TARDIS lamp, to go with the base, cap, and struts I'm trying to put together. But as usual with him and his schedule, there's no telling how long I'll have to wait for that. Hogswatch, maybe?)

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That is most certainly a Replica. They've taken liberties with the general look to keep it simple, and added a door out the side instead of the front. I'm sure its a fine food kiosk though, Not sure where it's located, must be in Edinburgh given it's disguise to keep it the same as the others in Town.

It is by no means unique however, this is the Third one I've seen now.

The first being a trailer made by the man who used to rent a box on laurinston place by the Meadows. The Rent was silly and so he just built a replica box on a trailer using different original parts to make it look similar. The Lantern on top, the side Laurel Wreaths, some of the upper trim, and the Castle are all Cast iron original parts, but the rest is normal wooden trailer. I'm not sure its in use today or not, its been a while since I've been to Edinburgh.

2 Window Trialer.JPG

The Second was a Three Window Trailer converted to looks similar but was in no way remotely close. Points for Torchwood Industries though.

3 Window Trailer.JPG


Haha How cool is that. My one is in Toronto, read the sub heading Starcross lol



Quote from: chriskingbees on Aug 27, 2018, 07:21 am
My one is in Toronto...

Its not too far away then, How about that eh?
Any idea where in Toronto?

There is an area in Toronto about 7,124.15 km2 (2,750.65 sq mi) of places it could be hiding. London is 1,572 km2 (607 sq mi) in comparison, which seems very small for a major city really. Even my small home town is nearly double that area though the population density is quite different.