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New, New TardisBuilders!

The Master

Started by russellsuthern, Jun 07, 2018, 10:31 pm

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IMG-20180614-WA0002.jpghopefully this works!


Elkad:  Go for it! It would be fascinating to see how yours turns out compared to mine.

Ciderman: I'd not seen that one before. Thanks for posting. I love to see original concept artwork.
It's always interesting to see how it evolves into the final on-screen prop.




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Russell, ciderman's post reminded me of a few I had somewhere in my folders from a while back. (Found them in my Miscellaneous Costumes folder.) Anyway, here they are, with one looking like ciderman's, but from a different angle (as in the photo was taken at a different angle):



(Sorry this one isn't in color.)

Color, but from the side while the make-up guy does some touching up. And judging from this view, it looks like you are spot on with your mask! Wow! What a resemblance! :o

I hope these are also helpful.

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Great pics, Dino,
Thanks for posting :)




I loved this version of the master,  decayed, desperate but still dangerous and seductive to those seeking shared power..THE FOOLS!!!!mwhahahahahaa...I mean...

great picture!!!
I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


Well guys,

I hope these pics meet with your approval!
This costume actually ended up a bit more expensive than I originally intended.
I had to buy a lot of material & old clothes, plus I had to restock quite a bit of glue & paint.
I didn't keep an exact tally but I reckon it came in at around £25 to £30.

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed making the costume & doing the photoshoot....

mc5.jpg   mc6.jpg

mc7.jpg   mc8.jpg

These pics show me with the props I made, a gun, Sash & Rod of Rassillon:

mc9.jpg   mc10.jpg

There'll be more pics in my 4th Doctor cosplay thread, which I shall at last be able to update sometime next week.

Thanks for looking!

Best regards,



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(Inside the Panopticon: The Master smashes a display case and removes the President's Great Rod. He goes to a hole in the floor in front of the main dais, and inserts the Rod, twisting it in line with the markings on the hole. A section of the dais opens and a bright light comes out, followed by a giant crystal with four pipes attached to it, back and front, with red valve handles.)

the Master: "Rassilon's star, the Eye of Harmony."

(The Master has put on the Sash, and walked around the Eye. He opens one of the valves, removing the pipe from the Eye, and the place shakes. The Master removes two more pipes and then strokes the Eye.)

the Master: "Rassilon's discovery, all mine. I shall have supreme power over the universe. Master of all matter! Bwhahahaha!"

-the Master; "The Deadly Assassin, Episode 4"

Russell, that horrifying monstrosity you've created may have cost you as much as £30, but every p was worth it! It looks every bit the part! Well done! As for the cost - well - put that 30 quid up against the cost of making a complete 4th Doctor outfit (anyone you choose), and I'd say that magnificent Master's cost was pocket change. (And again I emphasize, every p worth!)

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


This looks absolutely fantastic!! Terrifying, but fantastic all the same!

In a way it’s good to see I’m not the only one who thinks £30 is a fair amount of money to spend on one build. On other forums you see people describing “budget” builds where they ”only” have £300 to spend, or ask for advice on how to do something on a budget and they’ll suggest options costing in the hundreds!

Having said all that - I echo what Dino said about it being worth every penny. I doubt you could have made it any better by spending ten times the amount that you did!

P.S. Now that you have the Doctor and the Master, how about the Rani next? ;)
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Hi guys,

Thank you all for your positive comments.

Dino & 14th....
You are right, £30 isn't bad for a complete costume build, but part of my enjoyment in the creating of these builds is to bring them in for as little cash as possible,so I really count every penny & always try to look for the cheapest option.

I think my thrifty nature may come from my Scottish heritage...

Copper wire was invented when my brother & I had an argument over a 2 pence piece & The grand Canyon was created when I lost a penny in the sand... (I'll get me coat...)

14th: Regarding The Rani... Don't tempt me!!!

Thanks guys,