Different variations of the Mark 4 (Met-Style) Glasgow Box?

Started by lym, May 14, 2018, 01:48 pm

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The amount of remaining Glasgow boxes has presented something of a problem: the amount of variation between each box, and the lack of knowledge about what's original and what's been replaced (especially with the boxes being chopped up for coffee stalls and the like). I know they're primarily based on the Mark 2 Met box, but the variations can really change the overall appearance. The main differences in boxes I've pointed out can be seen by comparing the Buchanan Street box and the Wilson Street box.

Here are the main things I've noticed which vary from box to box (in terms of existing ones and ones in old photos):

  • The roof stacks - Some are tall, others are short; some are very narrow compared to the box width, and others have a more Met-style look.

  • The base - The Buchanan Street box is the main point of interest here, with the base being huge, but the Wilson Street box has a very short base in comparison to the rest.

  • The steps - The steps below the top signs can seemingly vary between two steps and three steps.

  • The windows - These can vary a lot (even on the same box), but I can never quite tell whether the windows have been replaced or are original.

Any help would be appreciated.