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Harold Place, Hastings

Started by lym, Aug 05, 2018, 05:54 pm

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Just found this picture of a post in Hastings, dated as circa 1960 (although it's likely later than that).

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I'd put it nearer the end of the 60's, just from what I can see.

Also, here it is un-faded (is that a term?)

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Here is the Map of the location, and a modern streetview.
The area seems to have lost its clock feature, and gone for that bland pedestrian walkway look.

According to the maps available they started transforming the area around 1969. The Clock feature was removed along with the Police Pillar and the start of the pedestrian area can bee seen.    

Source: Old Maps UK - 1955 - 1:1250
hastings - Harold place.JPG

Source: Old Maps UK - 1969
Hastings Map 1969.JPG

Source Streetview
Hastings streetview.JPG