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Mike Verta's CG TY-J Project

Started by mverta, Apr 11, 2018, 01:28 am

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Technically, Edward Thomas gave an explanation for the reason the Eccleston/Tennant console room looked like it did, which would also apply to Hurts, which was that the coral look of the console was due to the fact that time had taken over slightly and the coral had grown over the metal parts, making the console more organic, considering the TARDIS was meant to have been grown, and that the components on the console were bits that The Doctor had picked up to replace parts of the console when they had broken.

Obviously this was some what similar for the first Smith console, and I think the secondary Smith/Capaldi console, was an attempt to give a modern blend of old and new (taller time rotor and atmospheric lighting: new, similar layout of buttons to the five doctors console: old)

I would say that the crystaline structure of the Whittaker console is in a similar way to the Eccleston/Tennant, but my gripe with that is the LACK of controls

With regards to lighting, I think that was something that started back in 96 with the TV movie, and the more atmospheric and gothic console room. As much as I'm a fan of the classic series, I do feel that the change in consoles works well as the classic console was either just the panels in a different position between episodes, or redressed panels every few seasons. Although it does annoy me that they're trying to make a new console room for every doctor now... All bar the Second Smith console as they moved studios and the console was too much hassle to dismantle, hence the new console.



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As I'm waiting for the return of my actual TYJ build (long story) I've been thinking about the paint job I ultimately want to do for it, and I'm leaning ever towards the Davison "Black and Blue" look of S19/20.  I always love the weathered, beaten, "road miles" look.  Anyway, decided to render a few tests in that scheme...



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Stunning work, Mike! Love it!
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