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BioDoctor900's 4th Doctor Props

Started by BioDoctor900, Mar 17, 2018, 11:52 pm

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Here's a picture of my current 4th Doctor Props, I'm still looking to get more, but I'm slowly running out of room on my shelf  ;D


Most come from what he takes out of his pocket in Genesis, but there are more I know I can get


Davros Skaro

I don't remember the doctor having handcuffs, The crystal top left above the magnify glass, & what is the black ball in the middle please?

Other than these three things, you've got a great collection there, well done!



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I don't know about that crystal above the magnifying lens, but I think that dark "crystal" thingy in center photo is (maybe?) the TARDIS homing device from "Warrior's Gate". (Not sure on the story title, but I think that's where Adric first used it.)

The handcuffs? I know the 4th Doctor tossed them about occasionally for that "How much stuff does he have in those pockets?" moments, but I can't remember which stories.

And, BioDoc, if you're running out of space on your shelves, I'll gladly hold the cricket ball for you! (It would go nicely with my cricket bat. ;D)

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The handcuffs can be seen in Genesis of the Daleks, as Dino says, one of the things he pulls out of his pocket. The crystal thing above the magnifying glass is the Image Translation Circuit and the crystal in the middle certainly is the TARDIS homing device



You have any close ups of the homing device?