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Classic TARDIS Console Sound Effects

Started by absolutely, Dec 01, 2014, 01:12 am

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I'm looking for miscellaneous sound effects for several virtual builds I'll be doing in the future. I would define a miscellaneous effect as a button push, a toggle switch being toggled, a slider being - well - slid.

If anyone can find any effects or even make them, please post a download link here so that other people can use them if they need to.




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There is also the TARDIS Sounds Yahoo! Group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TardisSounds/info. That was started by one of our members. You have to join the Group to view and download the sound files (mp3 and WAV mostly), but it's a free sign-up. (And if you have any problems, let me know; I'm one of the Mods there.)

And it's a very quiet group so you don't need to worry about your e-mail in-boxes getting flooded with daily or hourly messages.

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Thanks - I actually used it before but didn't find many of use.  :'(

Theta Sigma

Check out this thread:  http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=1042.0

I posted some console sound effects there.
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Thanks! Very useful. I recall some of these sounds being used on the Fallout Who Vegas mod - thanks again!


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I'm not sure whether this has been asked before (I did a quick search of the forum, but I couldn't find anything), but I was wondering how to make it so that when I flick different switches on my console, they make different sounds?

Sort of like this type of sound FX?

So I could flick a switch on my TARDIS, and then it makes the above sound effect. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

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