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TYJ on an old Lily Savage show

Started by exleo, Mar 10, 2018, 02:59 am

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Found this Video from an old episode of The Lily Savage show in 1997,. It features a sketch with Lily playing a female (drag) Doctor and features a fairly beat up but newly gloss painted TYJ box. it also features K9 as well as a couple of 80s Cybermen.
The Box must have been hurriedly repaired for this appearance and you can see the base is broken as in other photos and the sign boxes filled with white opaque material, P;us the top Lamp has been replaced.

Just thought people might find it interesting.

The sketch starts at 14:27 until 19:40

Cardinal Hordriss

Until now the only Doctor Who spoof I've actually found funny is Curse of Fatal Death but I enjoyed that sketch so thanks for posting it.
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Is that an Exxilon I spotted?

Rassilons Rod

I wonder if Paul O'Grady wrote that himself.

Whoever wrote it knew their stuff. It's full of references  :)
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I managed to catch an image of that box with the light on so everyone can see what it looks like:

I think that "Welcome" mat is a nice touch! :D

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Quote from: Mark on Mar 10, 2018, 07:37 am
Is that an Exxilon I spotted?

I think it might've been a Sontaran.