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Somewhere around London and the Home Counties......

Started by petewilson, Mar 02, 2018, 06:09 pm

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Mar 02, 2018, 06:09 pm Last Edit: Mar 02, 2018, 06:09 pm by petewilson
March 1st 1954.......But where??
If anyone gets this I will be amazed!!!    :o

Unknown (01-03-1954).jpg


No way I'll figure it out Pete, great picture though.

I'm betting that all the schools, businesses and railways weren't affected by the snow back then like they are now.


Banzai will get it in 35 seconds but I'll admit that I'll understand if he doesn't.  I was like "Oh come one, there's got to be some clues," but not really.  Looks strictly residential--no pubs or movie theaters, no skyline to help place it.  There's a sign dead-center, but the resolution is such that I can't even tell if it is mounted on the post that bisects it or it's on the grass on the other side of the street.  Is that street lamp unique or is that a common style for the period? 

Wonderful picture though.  The police box is prominent enough that it could be an establishing shot for TARDIS materialization. 
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Quote from: Volpone on Mar 03, 2018, 04:15 pm
"Oh come one, there's got to be some clues," but not really.  Looks strictly residential--no pubs or movie theaters, no skyline to help place it.

All very true, however, there is a bus. A few layers of processing on that might yield a fuzzy number. That Route Number could help Establish a location.

Eeyup, best let HB have a go at it. I'm sure he's got some inkling on where the routes all go. In fact I'm a bit shocked that we don't have some sort of listing reference page about the historical bus routes on here.

Still the one clue we have is the box is on a bus route near an intersection at the edge of a residential area.
Does it border a park? is that why the buildings don't continue on the other side?

Unknown Bus (01-03-1954).jpg

That road looks really curved, Is it perhaps on a roundabout island?
There can't have been that many located on roundabout islands.
Does the Database even specify that as a location?

Survey says:
W11   - Junction of Ewell By Pass Road and Reigate Road on centre of roundabout in centre of roadway

The area there is all wrong, I don't think its that one.

The second option is:
J20   - Walthamstow Avenue, south side 5 yards west of Chingford Road on island in centre of roadway at the Crooked Billet roundabout

The buildings around there look good for it, I'd defer judgment to HB though. Too many modern trees to get a good perspective on both box site and modern location.

Still what do people feel about J20?


There's A Video of this Screen Capture that I took (But  it doesn't give anymore location details really)


Not sure if it can help at all but the main road appears to be marked as "National Speed Limit" which would make it a higher speed road, so to me it suggests its on the outskirts somewhere.

Also I was thinking this could be a dual carriage way type road and not a roundabout. Thinking behind it is the speed wouldn't be NSL on the approach to a roundabout plus the truck looks as though it has travelled in the same direction as the bus and didn't give way to the right as he should do at a roundabout.

Just food for thought


Unknown 1954.jpg

Having Watched the video, it shows a truck travelling in the opposite direction cuts in front of the Box. Which means this likely isn't a roundabout like I was thinking. I'd say you're correct about a split lane highway wth a centre island divider.

Again there can't have been many of those locations in 1954.

It's times like this that it would be nice to have the database filled out a bit with the streetviews and the OS Maps already done.

I'm not sure how to search the database for this peculiarities are this location.

scruffy57 Is this the sort of thing you are looking for re Bus routes? 80 years covered here.


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I don't know why but this picture just reminded me of the mad mile (A217 Brighton Road).

May not be though.

Or possibly the one outside the Drift Bridge?

dr hue

Not sure if it might be J25:


1964 map.  PCB near centre  North East box but not marked PCB ( is marked on 1965 map ):


1945 photo


J25 Was resited in 1966


I think you could be dead right dr hue...
The distinctive House front bay windows match...But should we not see some evidence of the shops in the 1954 Photo or do you think they were built post 1954 (A lot of the others on Google street seem more recent)?

dr hue

Actually I think its K19

3rd house along:


map 1951

map 1963


No...I really don't think its K19......Here's a view of K19 in relation to the houses and the road....

dr hue

I still think it is K19 as looking at the FIRST frame of the BBC News film,
there are only 3 houses and
the architecture is the same, deep roof, rounded tiled bays, flue chimney at rear,porch slope etc. You can even see the double step of the slope at the back of the garage of the first house.

First frame:


Yes...I agree now......Especially as the road was widened (Hence the box looks closer to the road by 1967 and has been upgraded to a Mark 5)  :)