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BioDoctor900's 13th Doctor Cosplay

Started by BioDoctor900, Feb 27, 2018, 08:16 pm

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Feb 27, 2018, 08:16 pm Last Edit: Feb 27, 2018, 08:17 pm by BioDoctor900
Well, this was something I didn't expect to put together, but it happened, and I've never done a gender bent cosplay, but here it is...




I started off with these ribbons, and then sewed the wider rainbow ribbon onto a black t-shirt...



I ordered a lilac coat on eBay for £9, but it came and was way too short, so I found a beige overcoat for £3 in a charity shop


I cut the hood off of hoodie, and added the rainbow ribbon on the inside and the black cord round the cuffs and the pockets


I also bought some hand earrings, along with a cuff earring and some star ones, I'm still waiting on the star ones, but the bottom one looks like this...


I'm debating about getting a wig for it, but I'm not sure


Angelus Lupus

OK, this is great! Nice job on the coat, the pocket and cuff details really sell the look. Add in the hood and the rainbows and it's unmistakably 13!
Also, top marks for going for the earring as well, interested to see how that comes together! What type is it, stud/clip/magnetic?
I honestly don't know if you need a wig. Since you're doing a gender-swapped version of the costume I suppose your natural, shorter hair will be fine.

(this is really making me want a 13 coat and shirt)
A mixed-up non-conformist, trying to fit in.


At the minute the earing has a neodymium magnet on the back of it and the cuff earing is just a clip on. I plan to superglue the stars to the top of the cuff and possibly the same with the hands on the bottom


Angelus Lupus

Neat! Mind if I ask where you got the earring/stars?
A mixed-up non-conformist, trying to fit in.


The earrings came from eBay, I bought a pair of hand earrings and glued them back to back and painted one gold. To make the whole earring, it cost about £5