the difference between the shrunken TARDIS from flat line and capaldi's TARDIS

Started by boxman550, Feb 27, 2018, 11:37 am

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i didn't know really where to post this but i wanted to start a topic based on the fact of i was looking on rubber-toe replica's website at the shrunken TARDIS from flat line and noticed something odd about the proportions and was wandering what they based this box off when it came to dimensions as comparing it to capaldi's TARDIS it looks completely different in dimensions any ideas anyone?eh.jpg


This is the right place to post this, but we need to start with the original reference material - not something that's already been subjected to some modification. Otherwise we don't know what's a real difference and what may be an unintended result of photo editing.


shrunken TARDIS compared to capaldi's TARDIS see what i mean i wander where they got the dimensions for the shrunken TARDIS from because surely if its capaldi's TARDIS but smaller it should be the same dimensions but down scaled the shrunken TARDIS dimensions are completely different to capaldi's actual TARDIS full2.jpgmaxresdefault.jpgrubber-toe-f.jpg


It's always difficult to compare photographs because of the effects of perspective.
My impression is that the windows and bottom panels are taller on the model than the panels in between, which doesn't seem to be a feature of the full-sized prop. The overall ratio of width to door height looks spot on.
I think the signbox on the model is probably not as tall as it should be.
It's always hard to tell with the roof pitch because shots with enough detail are usually taken so close that the perspective distortion makes proper measurement impossible.
Are you seeing other differences?

I wouldn't take the above as a criticism of Rubbertoe, of a prop that was probably onscreen for barely a minute. In TV terms I would have thought it was amply accurate - better than many models we've seen the past, I suspect. :)

But for people here? Yeah, we notice. :D


I know Rubbertoe makes (made? still making?) many props for the series, and are licensed to sell replicas of the props, which they make exactly the same as they do for the series (except for the sonic screwdrivers; I think they add sound to the ones they sell, but not for the ones used in the series; someone correct me if I'm wrong on that).

But did they make the shrunk TARDIS for "Flatline"? Or are they only making replicas for sale? If they made the prop for the series, then they would have needed some sort of drawings to go by, and those drawings would have come from the BBC designers. So it would be the BBC people that created the difference in appearance between the full-size prop and the shrunken one.

Has anyone seen any BBC concept art for the shrunken TARDIS anywhere?

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Nick did indeed make the shrunken TARDIS, along with the drive cube for 'Flatline', and the same moulds are used to create the replicas he was selling. I don't know if he's still selling them...

I've always been unsure as to why the panels on the prop were off, it made no sense to me, hence why I modified a CO Tennant TARDIS to make mine, and to be perfectly honest, I don't understand why the BBC didn't do the same. It may be to do with the fact they had to get the actors hand through the doors, and maybe that's why the proportioning is slightly off



I know this is an old thread, but a recent picture I saw made me think about something - what if the shrunken TARDIS prop is based off of the dimensions for the half-size prop that Capaldi climbed out of, rather than the full-sized box?

I took a photo of that prop and cut out the window pane. When the window pasted it next to the other panels, it's clear to see that the windows are longer than the panels. My best guess would be that this was done to allow Capaldi a little bit more room to climb out. (But, if that was the case, why not just increase the size by 5% or so?)


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The phone panel doesn't even have a frame. It looks like they slapped on fake hinges, small handle and a sticker of the PTO.
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Also interesting that the shrunken TARDIS props both use the Tennant-era "Officer & Cars" wording on the phone panel.


So they do, blimey... I'd never noticed that before