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Jw Tardis Lamp

Started by Angelus Lupus, Nov 14, 2017, 12:35 am

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Angelus Lupus

Nov 14, 2017, 12:35 am Last Edit: Nov 14, 2017, 12:36 am by Angelus Lupus
How high res is this image you've found?
I'd played with the colours myself and come to the conclusion that this Tardis is probably a deeper blue than it first looked. One small caveat, 'tho: Bear in mind that Jodie, the Tardis and the landscape are probably all on different image layers, so the colour grading on the costume might have no relation at all to the hue of the Tardis.
It's growing on me, I do like the overall shape, I definately like the top sign, and even the PTO might grow on me. Also, the more I look at the lamp, the more I'm convinced it's a (practically) un-modified anchor lamp like this:
I can even see the clover-leaf attachments on the vertical bars.
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another photo from filming the lamp of the new box in the corner bottom rightDUeLt2gV4AEqm_2.jpg


closest thing i can find to jodie's box lamp DUeLt2gV4AEqm_2.jpg


Quote from: T@RDISman550 on Jan 26, 2018, 03:59 pm
closest thing i can find to jodie's box lamp DUeLt2gV4AEqm_2.jpg
Just to make up for derailing the conversation with my thoughts on the lamp...

Based on that small picture, I think you've nailed it.

By complete coincidence, about two weeks ago I purchased a brass one of those:


Drill out the spot welds for the side rings and dremel the top off and it will look almost identical.

I wanted it for the Fresnel (its a perfect size for a TJY); however as much as I don't like it as a TARDIS beacon, its a beautiful oil lamp...


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Getting back to the lamp for a moment. This one might be a closer match.
It's an Anchormaster 15" one (obviously some bits have been removed).
I'm not sure it's exactly the one, though - we may have to wait for a better image.


im not sure the picture i found the side frames on it are thinner like in the photo and the top of the lamp although cut down seems the right shape its to hard to say


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It looks from the photo as if the outer frames are wider than the inner ones. I think this is because they have a flat cross section rather than a round one, so seen from the side they look bigger than when facing the camera. This is also true of the Anchormaster lamp...

Angelus Lupus

On page 1 of this thread I posted a very similar lamp I'd seen that actually comes in blue!
(granted, nowhere I've seen had it in stock, and it seems even harder to find now than when I first stumbled across it...)
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Quote from: Scarfwearer on Jan 28, 2018, 05:26 pm
Getting back to the lamp for a moment.

Thanks, Crispin. (This time you beat me to it!) Looking at the Anchormaster and the lamp that Angelus posted on Page 1, and comparing those to the one in the prop photo, even as blurry as the prop photo is, you can see the struts on the lamp connect to the top and bottom in different places than on the lamps. On the prop lamp, the top of the struts connect higher up, and the bottom of the struts connect farther down, than they do on either the Anchormaster or the lamp Angelus posted.

While both are very close, I don't think we've found the Holy Grail of lamps yet. (Though the Anchormaster doesn't have those loops sticking out of its sides, which does make for a few less thing that need modifying to get it looking like the prop lamp.)

As for the lamp Angelus posted not being easy to find... doesn't that go without saying? When has anything "TARDISy" been easy to find once it's been identified? Handles, locks, sure; but something like the lamp? It's almost like the BBC buys out all stock so no one else can buy one.

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You were quick off the mark on page 1, Angelus - sorry I missed that. They do look very similar.
I think the blue one you found may also be Anchormaster?

And yes, funny how these lamps never seem to be available... :D

Angelus Lupus

Well, I originally saved that lamp image simply because it was fresnel looking, came complete with bulb holder and power cable, and came in blue. Now, this was way back... I think when Capaldi was new to the role, so its similarity to the new lamp is entirely coincidental! Pure lucky happenstance.
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The dimensions listed for the above lamp are (in inches) "8 L x 6 W x 15 H". The 15 is easy: 15 inches tall, most likely from base to top not counting the bale (handle).

The 8 L is the odd one; on a round lamp one would expect to get a diameter. So at a guess, the 6 W is the diameter, and that 8 L is taking into account those guides protruding from the sides (those two "rings" at the top and bottom sides).

The "struts" look more Series 5, but the top is definitely more Series 11 so this could easily do in a pinch for any Arwell Jones builders. Now I'm wondering how difficult it would be to remove those guide rings and the bale.

Great find, sector!

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"

evil bob

I ordered one and will post measurements.

evil bob

Well, shoot.

"Thank you for shopping with us.

Unfortunately, the item you ordered is so popular that we have just sold out the last one.

We have to cancel this order and refund will be processed within 3~5 business days."