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Started by lespaceplie, Jan 25, 2018, 04:18 am

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whether this is correct or not after looking at images of tennant and his TARDIS and knowing tennants 6ft1 i decided to using the height website i typed 5ft7 and 6ft 1 so that it gave me silhouettes of people at that height copied it and used the images of jodie and tennant and scaled them to the same size then based on images sized the TARDIS's according to the actors heights like i said im unsure whether its accurate heights but if so using capaldi and tennants TARDIS heights we can find out Jodie's TARDIS height 10 12 and 13.jpg


I've become very skeptical of attempts to measure the size of props from nearby people. There are too many variables (more than you might think) and it never works very well. Personally I can change my own height by several inches just by standing differently.


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You wanted a ladder next to it? Then I give you a ladder. FB_IMG_1518606574302.jpg
Plus another with Jodie next to itFB_IMG_1518606559177.jpg
Just found these on Facebook.


This video contains lots of comparison shots of Jodie and the others stood next to the TARDIS, so should help somebody in working out the scale ;D



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I've been doing some calculations and geometry:

I can't determine the distance of the ladder from the box, but I know its minimum distance... :)

I've drawn two lines on the picture where I'd put a chalk mark on the Tardis wall at the 1.12m height of the ladder (if I was on site with a ruler).
These heights are computed based on assuming the box has 2.1m doors (for the lower line) and 2m doors (for the upper line).

If the ladder could touch the Tardis wall it still wouldn't reach the upper line, which suggests the doors are certainly larger than 2m.
If the ladder was touching the base (which separates it from the wall by around 7cm, I think), we'd be looking at around 2.05m doors.
To reach 2.1m doors the ladder would have to be standing about 15cm (6") away from the box. Which is plausible.

The ladder is not perfectly open, so stands very slightly taller than it should, so the box has to be very slightly bigger than the calculations would suggest.


I don't go into the level of detail of you guys, so I apologize if I'm asking an ignorant question, but couldn't you use the Yale lock as a known height and multiply that?  It would be awfully inaccurate if you were using a tape measure and paper, but it seems like it would work with a computer.  Or for that matter, if we think we've got the lamp nailed down, could that be used as a unit of measure?  
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The problem with scaling up from something small is that you scale up the error on your measurement. Since the measurement error is constant (based on focus and number of pixels) the smaller the thing you scale up the larger the error.


Hmmm... Actor height comparisons are iffy, but have a look at Syl and Sophie in front of a TYJ with the base at its tallest.

If the new box is scaled down from the 210 cm doors to 197.5 of a classic prop, the total door width (assuming the proportions are right) is wider than the TYJ opening, but the total prop is narrower. Scaling the box for doors of exactly 2 meters also produces a plausible result with some of the dims rather convenient and a silhouette that's pretty much the same as the TYJ overall.

Seeing the just posted photo of the new prop with a member of the crew inside is suggesting the doors are no more than 2 meters unless he's a giant.



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I wouldn't rush to rescale everything - I imagine a better height reference will present itself eventually.

If the roof steps are 5cm, I think the pitch height may be 6cm. Connecting the corner diagonals of the roof steps and lamp base makes this clearer, as they are in the same plane.

I also think they've used larger-than-usual quadrant moldings. Maybe 30mm.

Here's my current guess at the post cross-section.



Just to help with the guesswork about the dimensions:

Some common sizes of available Planed Straight-Edged timber in the UK include:

1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9"
which are actually metric inches:

25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm

but when planed are actually sold at:

21mm, 44mm, 69mm, 94mm, 119mm, 144mm, 169mm, 193mm, 220mm

The different merchants may vary - I only looked at a couple of the best known ones for which the lists of actual widths were the same.

Obviously lengths will always have to be cut, but it seems likely that they will have chosen wood widths that don't have to all be put through a table saw.


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I think this may be what's going on with the door/wall dimensions:


The top rail of the door is on the left. The 40cm section is the window (not shown). The right hand double-beveled piece is the rail under the window.

I think they used 3/4" x 4" standard stock for the rails and stiles, and have run a router around each of the assembled openings, removing 12mm from the width as they did so. The bottom rail is 3/4" by 8".

Because the 3/4" stock is actually 15mm thick, a 3mm straight section remains, which casts an extra shadow which is visible sometimes.

Does this seem likely?

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Quote from: Scarfwearer on Feb 14, 2018, 05:57 pm
Here's my current guess at the post cross-section.


Given the other dimensions (3.5 and presumably 3) on the corners, would that 5cm diagonal be actually a 4.6cm?

I'm extrapolating 3cm from the 14.5, the 7 and what look like a proposed 0.5 and 1.0 notch out on the sides, leaving 6cm to share between left and right, making the proposed 5cm the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle with 3.5 and 3.0 sides.  At that rate 5 would sound too big, though it's a nicer number to work with than 4.6 and change.


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The horizontal and vertical are the same. So the outer quadrant is 30mm in a 35mm x 35mm space. So the hypotenuse is 49.497mm (which I rounded to 50mm). The inner quadrant has a 10mm gap beside the quadrant, rather than 5mm everywhere else.
So on each side you have 35mm + 70mm + 35mm + 5mm = 145mm. Each of the 35mm corners has a 30mm quadrant in it.

I think.


Actually looking at my later post, the 70mm is probably actually 69mm, and the 145mm is probably actually 144mm. Because you can actually buy wood in those widths...


The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced this prop is about the size of the TYJ after all.