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New, New TardisBuilders!

The Tardis is promoting the Barbie movie!

Started by Angelus Lupus, Jul 12, 2023, 11:30 am

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Angelus Lupus

So a pink Tardis has appeared by Tower Bridge, to promote the new Barbie movie that Ncuti Gatwa (our next, non-repeat Doctor) is in.
F00kl4jXsAgIy2z (1).jpg

Ignoring the (temporary) colour change (shades of The Happiness Patrol) - It's worth noting the windows are a little different:

The top row seems to be the original fluted plastic, but the bottom row has changed. The outer panes looked frosted, and the middle one is blue!
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I'm currently under the impression that this is a brand new promotional box (from whom I'm not certain - the usual tells of This Planet Earth's aren't present here, and this box has such significant and odd characteristics..), regardless I'm noting a few differences:

- The box is entirely wooden, even the window frames which were cast metal in prior constructions
- The smooth, angled parts of the window frames are of a different shape
- The bevel on the base (as well as on the panels) is much shallower
- The handle and lock are of slightly different makes to prior constructions, being heavily polished and with a smoother shape, the lock is also clearly branded Yale where the prior boxes are blank
- The lamp, while of a very similar make, seems unmodified; being taller, struts sitting lower, and with extra 'clips' that are removed on prior boxes
- The base of the lamp is much taller
- The upper signage is much shallower in the sign-boxes

While I was requested to keep the full photos private, I have been given permission to post excerpts for the purpose of comparison:
And, outside of reference, what lovely changes! The more MET-like windows especially are gorgeous, and I'm hoping their presence here implies that they'll make their way to the program proper.

Edit: Some measurements were taken of the box by way of phone-app, while there is an obvious margin of error I did double-check these measurements against prior plans by forum members/other sources and they seem to be in the right ballpark. Distortion/margin of error of course increases the further up you look.

Bottom-most part of corner posts are 5cm/~2 inches tall
Lock is ~5cm/~2 inches tall (a smidge less than this)
Metal door sign is 28cm/11 inches tall by 26cm/~10.25 inches wide
Panels are 38cm/15 inches tall
Window frames are ~2cm/~0.78 inches thick in the center
Base is ~1.42 meters/56 inches wide (corroborated by This Planet Earth's site stating their Jones boxes are 1.4 meters wide)
~1.31 meters/51.125 inches post-to-post
Posts are 2.3 meters/90 inches tall
Sign boxes are 1.18 meters/46.5 inches wide
Signage is 84cm/33 inches wide
Doors are 50cm/~19.7 inches wide
Uppermost part of corner post (above top indent/cut) are 24cm/~9.5 inch tall

Panels are 1cm/~0.4 inches deep
Sign boxes are 21cm/~8.25 inches tall (this feels WAY too tall. I'd estimate closer to ~14/5.5)
Panels are 36cm/14.1 inches wide (this measurement was taken at an angle and its selection overlapped the surrounding door stiles)


It's still got those sodding notches, though. Get rid of those and you'd have the perfect box.

Sometimes I have a dream about buying a Whittaker box from TPE and filling the notches in...

Angelus Lupus

Jul 13, 2023, 12:29 am #3 Last Edit: Jul 14, 2023, 10:12 pm by Angelus Lupus
Quote from: Teppic on Jul 12, 2023, 05:45 pmIt's still got those sodding notches, though. Get rid of those and you'd have the perfect box.

Sometimes I have a dream about buying a Whittaker box from TPE and filling the notches in...
I've actually become quite fond of the notches. It's an idiosyncrasy unique to this iteration of the box - like the flat-roofed Newberry, the chunky Hudolin, the tall stack above the signs on the Brachacki, or the bird-feeder on the 2005 version.

Thanks for the close-ups, Violet! I think you're right: it feels to me like this is a purpose-built, custom job, rather than using one of the hero boxes. Shame, I thought the blue panes were a nice evolution for the look that referenced actual Met Boxes - kind of like when 2010 brought back the St John's Ambulance badge.
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